July 9, 2011

Mind the Gap

Yesterday was spent trekking around London in search of decently priced theater tickets. Unfortunately, we had no luck. We came home early and crashed. We were all so tired and sore from the long day before, and we thought it would be best to stay in for the night.

Today, we got up early, in hopes to get the 10 pound tickets for Legally Blonde, the Musical. We were late in getting there, but we ended up getting matinee tickets for a decent price. We split up from there, and Kelsey, Catie, and I wasted time in China Town before the show.

We spent some time wandering around, and were able to find great prices for Wicked tonight, as well as 15 pound tickets for Les Miserables on Tuesday. Score. We hunted around for some Chinese food for lunch before we headed back to the theater. We thought that we could get a few dishes and share, but they said that they were one person portions. I've just learned to stop listening to waiters who say that because THEY LIE. My chicken cho mein would have fed a family of 3. But it was tasty.

We left China Town to the Savoy theater to see Legally Blonde. We had seats on the 3rd row! The show was hilarious and we were all smiling and laughing through the entire thing.

After the show, we headed over to Victoria, near the Wicked theater. We grabbed a quick dinner and some treats (PS to Anna... Hob Nobs are the bomb.com.net.org!!), then went to the theater. We had seats on the 2nd row, off to the side. Our seats were the 'partially obstructed view' seats, so we missed a little bit, but we had all seen it before, so we didn't care. It was AH-mazing. I loved it!

Here's the one picture with me in it, mom. Just for you. This is us at the Wicked theater.

We got so lucky with theater tickets today! There is sooo much to do here in London, I hope I can fit everything into two and 1/2 more weeks!!

Day 30: My favorite song from last year. I'm pretty sure I was loving on some Temper Trap, but who knows. I'm just glad this thing is over! WOO! No more! Here's Love Lost.


  1. Yay! I got a shout out! Aren't they fabulous? Please tell me you get the ones dipped in chocolate too!? So jealous you are there. I love london!

  2. Oh my WORD. Delish. Definitely got the chocolate dipped ones. If I'm feeling extra adventurous, i put a little nutella on them. WOW.

  3. oh my gosh don't you just love london! im glad you are spending three weeks there because it is the best! go to camden market for lunch one day. they have a ton of really good ethnic food! there was also this amazing little jewelry stand. 3 pairs of adorable homemade earrings for 5 pounds!