June 24, 2013

A little on the sickly side....

Hey Goobers!

How are you all? 

-Well. It's been an eventful week. I stayed in Santa Rosa until Wednesday night and worked with the Hermanas there. I slept on this mattress that was basically like sleeping on the floor, and LUCKILY, I brought my sleeping bag because it was SOO cold at night. I literally slept with the blanket over my head because it was so cold. But it was a good experience... even if I looked like a giant next to these sisters!

- So on Wednesday night, I went to pick up my new companion! Ever since then, it has been the absolute BEST! We have just been laughing so hard for the past five days. It's so nice to have someone from the same culture who knows the SAME people! We have just been having a blast working here in Toay. I think the Lord sent me Hna Vawdrey so that I could enjoy my last transfer and have fun. My last two transfers were a little more serious and not too much fun, so I think this will be a great way for me to end my mission... working hard and enjoying it.

- Well... I think I ate something bad on Saturday because I've gone to the bathroom more in the last 48 hours than I have in my whole mission... you all wanted to know that right? Sure you did. :-) Well.. just pray that this food poisoning goes away soon, ok? I ate six crackers yesterday. Yup six. I want real food again!  urgggghhhh....

- My mom told me all about her woes with my flight plans... apparently she hasn't received anything yet... I think parents get more trunky than the missionaries do... haha! Tell my parents not to get too crazy, ok??

- So I read a little quote from Elder Ballard, here it is:  "Whenever you serve the Lord, He blesses you. Many... missionaries begin their missions thinking they are going to repay Heavenly Father for His goodness toward them by serving Him for 18 months to two years. But before long they learn an important eternal truth: you can never do more for the Lord, than He can do for you".  I LOVED THAT because it is so true! We are forever in debt to our Heavenly Father. He will always bless us more that we can serve Him. We will never be able to "repay" Him.  I've realized that on my mission... the more I serve Him, the more He blesses me.

- Shoutouts: Happy Birthday to my parents!!! WOOO!! Hope you have great days!!!!! 

Happy birthday to Trevor! 

Listen. I love you all!! 

Hope you have a fabulous week.

Hermana Squire

June 17, 2013

You're Not Gonna Believe This One...............

Hello Everyone...

Well, I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep but that's okay. 

- So transfers came. My comp was sent off to Bahía Blanca... and I was told I would be training... AGAIN! Just send me all the newbies! I'll train them all! Don't worry! Haha, an Hermana told me I'm like Eve... "the mother of all hermanas"... LET'S GO HIJA (daughter) NUMBER 3!!! That night, President called me... he said  "Hermana! I know you have six weeks left (thanks for reminding me...) I'm going to send you another companion. She's from the U.S.! You know I trust in you a lot, and I want you to teach this sister all you know! She must have a marvelous mission, like you've had!" Then he told me that she was waiting for her visa and already has about 3 months in the mission. So I thought... "WHAT IF it's Jamie Vawdrey?" ( a girl from our former neighborhood, a girl from HIGHLAND, UTAH)  I found out there are 6 gringas ("yankees" as they lovingly call us) coming, and ZERO Latinas. Well, as of right now, there are only TWO American sisters... and only I am free to train. SO YEAH. Anyway. I just looked at my missionary profile to write to President... and IT SAYS MY COMPANION IS JAMIE VAWDREY! What!!?? WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Such a small world! 

- So, Hna Ibaña's collectivo(bus) left at 2 in the morning, and we had to wait for other hermanas to get to Santa Rosa... I'm going to be working in Santa Rosa with Hna Perdomo and Hna Troval until Wednesday... so we went to bed at like 3... wow, I'm tired. But I'm loving being with these hermanas... Hna Troval is from El Salvador and has such an amazing story. And she speaks English SO WELL. Hna Perdomo is so humble...from Honduras and the only member in her family. I'm just so pumped to be working with them, and so stoked for this transfer with Hna Vawdrey... an AMERICAN! A real live AMERICAN! Haha, she'll  think she's lucky to be with an English speaker... but little does she know that I can't speak English anymore. I was talking with Hna Troval in English and I'm pretty sure that she can speak better than I can... hahah. 
Hermans Perdomo y Troval
- This morning I had to go to Toay with Hna Perdomo to get some stuff. We started talking to a lady that I always cross paths with, she's really sweet and we chat a bit before the collectivo. Well, I was praying for an opportunity to share something about the gospel with her... well, she just started talking about God and His patience with us, and BAM! We started talking about forgiveness and Christ and what He did for us... next thing I know, she's crying. She feels alone and overwhelmed. We tried to get her address, but she said she would look for us...  not QUITE her time yet. But I was so amazed at how the Lord just puts people in our paths, RIGHT when they need us.

- I've been thinking a lot about this time in my mission. I'm in my last transfer. I'm the next one to go home. I know the language, I know how to work with the ward, I know how to find, teach and baptize... as Aubrey said, "I'm a big, bad, Spanish speaking missionary"... but when we start thinking we're successful because of US, the blessings stop. The sucess stops. I have realized that I have to constantly rely on the Lord and be worthy of His spirit, to direct me to the people that are being prepared to listen to the gospel. I tried hard to be humble this week... and the Lord prompted me to knock one door, where we found a wonderful young mother, Andrea, and two days later, He guided me to another door, where we found another awesome woman... who turned out to be the Mom of Andrea.They are both SO GREAT.

- Camila is doing well... she came to mutual and loved it!

- We've been teaching a man named Darío... he came to church yesterday, BY HIMSELF! He is really looking for the right path and is so great. Pray for him!

- An hermana is staying with us that just came from one of my old wards. She told me that Tatiana and Erika, my converts are doing SO WELL! So active... and Erika is going to seminary every morning :) I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!!

Shoutouts: KELS I LOVE YOU. Next time I have time, I will write you. 
ADRIENNE! Glad you are good! Thanks for writing! 
Aunt Lori, thanks for the update, chin up buttercup! And happy bday this week!
Happy bday to Hugo Jr! 
Aunt Jeni thanks for the pics and announcement! You are great! 

TO ALL FATHERS, especially mine, I hope you had a Happy Father's Day! 

Listen everyone. YOU ARE SO GREAT! I LOVE YOU ALL! PORTENSE BIEN!!!!! (behave!)

Hermana Squire

*meditating the scriptures (listen, this was at 10 at NIGHT okay?) and it's a joke...not really sleeping!!!

My district

June 10, 2013


Hello all!
Ok, so we had quite the interesting morning today. We came to the cyber and my companion had some pretty strong "lady pains". Like way strong. She started passing out in the cyber and convulsing a little. I think the cyber man about had a heart attack... I was pretty calm... Adrenaline for sure... but yeah. Calm. Good thing I want to study medicine, right? So we called the ambulance and took her to the hospital. Turns out her BP dropped pretty low... but we're all good now. 

- On a happier note... ANABELA GOT BAPTIZED! WOOO! She was way happy... but that baptism... wow. Let's just say that everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. First, our mission leader said that the font would be clean for the baptism... we went, and it wasn't... so we cleaned it. (hence picture one) 

The guy who was going to do the baptism left on an emergency trip, so we were scrambling to find clothes for the replacement. Then, AT the baptism... this drunk guy shows up (we actually ran into him on the street a few nights ago... homeless... member from another providence... loves wine....) and was just hanging out. After the baptism he sang us a little song "la mujer, si no la cuides se te va!" (a woman, if you don't take care of her, she leaves"...")  I just wanted to put my face in my hands and LAUGH. Then, only 5 members showed up. BOO. That made me so sad. 

THEN! The kids were being little DEMONS! So we went in the hallway during the service and took pictures. 
WHAT A BAPTISM RIGHT? We had to buy ice cream after that to recover. But, the good thing is that she is BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED. 
The Lord and His missionaries: 1. Satan: 0

- Anabela's 12 year old NIECE came to the baptism... she's gone to church in Santa Rosa a few times and loved it... and SHE CAME TO CHURCH WITH US YESTERDAY! Her mom is cool with us teaching her... so we will. She's coming to mutual this Saturday. WOO!

- Funny note: we found this man who practices the Indian culture here... all natural stuff and all. He told us that the plants are our brothers and sisters. He said, "for example, if I want to take a grapefruit from that tree, I'd have to say to it, "excuse me, my brother grapefruit, and then take it" I tried not to giggle.

- So we have a problem here... it's called the "one hit wonder" syndrome. We find some great people, have a great lesson... and then we never find them again. One hit wonders.

- We are trying to find Laura again... she is such a great girl! We had a lesson this week about the values of the youth and she told us that her friends try and pressure her to smoke but she always says no... she is SO GREAT I tell you!

- So this is the LAST week of the transfer.... supposedly there are a lot of new hermanas to come in... President might have me train again... but who knows.... I think this because in my last interview he told me "Hermana Squire... the mission cannot be without sister missionaries who know how to work like you do",  so I think they're gonna get me again and that's o.k. But that's my guess... who knows what the Lord has in store for my last transfer.

- A few weeks ago we were walking in the street and a woman called out to us... she told us that missionaries stopped by a while ago and never came back... so we went last night and had a great lesson. She said... "I didn't want to call out to you because I was embarrassed... but something told me... these girls have something good for me." Her name is Mari. She works on Sundays. SO PRAY FOR HER! 

- Shoutouts: JAKE. Good luck this week. You will be a great missionary. I am sad I won't see ya for 3.5 years, but that's okay. You will do wonders in Spain and I'm proud of you. Love you kid. 
Happy Bday to JULIE SERNA AND ELLY BELLY! Hope you have great days! 
Thank you Tio Hector for the email... glad all is well. 
CORB you are the best. 
TAHNEE! I died with those pics! I love ya, miss beauty queen.

Listen everyone. You are all SO GREAT and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! 
Guess what? 
I love being a missionary. I love the gospel. I love my Savior.
Have a great week.

Hermana Squire

June 3, 2013

Puke Patrol

Well hello there my little goobers!

How's life? Well... there's not much to report this week because my comp has been a little under the weather. First she got a cold... fever... cough, body aches... so at times she was dying in the streets and weak, so we had to stop by the house to let her rest. THEN, yesterday she got really sick. I'm pretty sure it was food poisoning... we were walking and she was like "ahhh I feel really sick"... 
We stopped by a members house and she basically had a throwing up fest. So basically, all of yesterday, we were in the house and she was just puking like a champ. But, I think she's all good now! Hopefully, cuz I didn't sleep too well last night either... being on puke patrol and whatnot. So pray for her health!

- SO GOOD NEWS!! Anabela is getting baptized this Saturday! WAHOOO! She really is SO prepared. When we taught her the law of chastity... her face... ahhh she was so heartbroken to know that she had gone against the commandments... (she had her 3 kids out of wedlock) but was SO happy to know she could be forgiven. True doctrine, UNDERSTOOD, changes attitudes. She understood with her HEART and wants to change. Read Daniel 10:11-12 (mom paste it on here) Love this girl.
 11 And he said unto me, O Daniel, a man greatly abeloved, understand the words that I speak unto thee, and stand upright: for unto thee am I now sent. And when he had spoken this word unto me, I stood trembling.
 12 Then said he unto me, aFear not, Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst bset thine heart to understand, and to cchasten thyself before thy God, thy words were dheard, and I am come for thy words.
- This week we had some crazy wind. BOO WIND. Dirt in mouth and eyes! Bleh! There was some crazy weather because of a volcano in the south or something. Que sé yo...(what do I know)..... I don't watch the news. 

- Other than that we have had some pretty nice weather for it being almost winter time. It's not too hot, not too cold... all you really need is a light jacket... (Miss Congeniality... I'm kinda funny still.....I hope) :-)

- SO! We also found a really great woman... Susana... she was a contact from forever ago, and we felt we needed to keep passing by until she let us in... haha. AND SHE DID! After the lesson she told us that we brought so much peace into her home... true stuff people... the gospel brings peace into our homes and our lives!

- So Kris, I was thinking about your question about how to strengthen our testimonies and help them grow. My testimony has grown IMMENSELY these past 16 months. And I'm gonna share with you all the secret to my success... and to ALL missionaries' successes... my testimony has grown from 3 basic things:

1. Diligent Scripture Study- DIVING into the scriptures has helped me so much... and then APPLYING THEM. Keep a study journal. Read diligently EVERY DAY. Before the mission, when the Ensign came I was like, "cool, the Ensign".  Now I'm like "IT´S CHRISTMAS!!!" And even more so with the conference editions. They are like my prized possession. Eat those babies up, people. MODERN DAY SCRIPTURE!

2. Fervent Prayer- Don't get into a routine with your prayers. Need help? Read the talk by Elder Wirthlin: Improving Our Prayers. Changed my life.  

3. Serving others and the Lord with love- Self explanatory. When we serve others, we serve God. Pray for opportunities to serve.


WELL HELLO THERE DUNN FAMILY! My mother just sent your family pics and can we just say MODELS? Love y'all. 
Happy birthday this week to Gail Berry and to Elizabeth Squire. 
Megan Davis! Congrats on graduating! Woo! 
And to Ally, Syd and Jessica... in my mind you three will always be 10 years old... I can't believe you all are graduated. I'm OLD. 
Kris! Thanks for the email. I love you. 
TAHNEE YOU ARE THE BEST. I LOVED YOUR EMAIL. AND My WORD those pics just killed me. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. Send me more when you get them. 
Texas people: HELLO!!  
SERNA CREW! Thanks for the letter Robert, and thank you for the sweet things you wrote... in my heart I will always be Sister Squire!! Give the Serna Squirts a big Cydnee Squeeze :) 
Hiatts... I can't believe that Mikael is in driver´s ed. WHAT THE??

And a very special shoutout to Mikayla McChesney and fam... good luck in the MTC! And it's okay to think the first night "what did I get myself into"... everyone thinks that! But you will be great! Argentina needs Hermana McChesney right now!!
Listen, I just love you all soooo much! Thanks for the support.

Hermana Squire

( Meisha, Jill, Jenn and Suzie: I wanted to share this email of Cydnee's with you,  since it specifically mentioned your daughters. :-))