December 18, 2010

Anna Dearest

FINALS ARE OVER! goodbye anatomy. goodbye statistics (which i hated). goodbye joseph smith and the restoration! (which turned out to be a lot harder than i expected.) goodbye BYU! (for two weeks). people. i am so happy. now it's time for a new adventure (which you will hear about soon, promise).

now, let me just tell you about this little lady.

wowza. isn't she the prettiest?! and that handsome man with her? that's my cousin (ahem, favorite cousin). so you can imagine that i expected great things from his future wife. great things, people. fortunately, anna met all my expectations. every. single. one. and more.

you see, anna is the kind of person that you want to be like. she is kind, down to earth, and down right hilarious. seriously. just read her blog, and i guarantee you will be peeing your pants. the first time i met her, i thought, he has to marry her. she was just so natural around our family and fit right in. can you tell i just love her? because i do.

anywho, i asked anna to give me a list of ten things that make her oh-so happy.

anna: to happiness
1-Inheriting awesome family- I’m not just sucking up here, I lucked out. I love my husband’s family (immediate AND extended) and all my brothers wive’s families too. It is pretty awesome
2- Pedicures- bad day? Someone rubbing my feet and painting my toes can make my frown turn upside down. (ps don’t think I am a racist, but I prefer the Asians who don’t want to small talk. I just want to lie back, relax and not talk. It seems like the white chicks all want to chat
3. Christmas trees
4. Clean sheets
5- My nieces and nephews- they are adorable. I love hearing about them, seeing them and getting hugs from them. The good, the funny and the naughty. I love it all
6- Words of affirmation- My husband says he and I are both words of affirmation sluts… 
7- Coming home to someone- let me be cheesy ok? After a happy single life, it is even more awesome to come home to my man
8- Jeans that fit great- Not easy to find, but they feel amazing when you do
9- Sonic happy hour- A yummy drink with crunchy ice is even better half off. (2-4pm!)
10- Being done with school, for now. I love and value learning, but love coming home and not doing homework. Bliss.

you already like her now, don't you? i also asked anna to tell me her favorite song of the moment. 
here it is, “Until You”- Dave Barnes

have a beautiful Christmas everyone, and i hope it's filled with joy, loved ones, and fun.

December 12, 2010

Finals Hiatus

Hello my happy little followers! (All seven of you...) Well, finals are just around the corner, so I'm taking a little hiatus until they are over. But don't worry, friends! I will be back next week with a fresh post (I've got some good ideas brewin'). Until then, here's a picture from Santorini, Greece (beautiful! go ahead and click to see it big) and a little song for the day.

Miike Snow- Silvia

December 9, 2010


i got some flippin exciting news today...

i'm going to study abroad in LONDON this summer! i was accepted to a program through my school and i couldn't be happier. i'll even be going with this little lady. i still can't stop thinking: i'm going to London!!! wowza! we'll be living in a flat near Hyde Park, and traveling to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and taking little side-trips wherever we want! Paris, anyone? this is a once in a lifetime experience and i absolutely cannot wait. here are some places i will be: (you can be jealous, because it's pretty awesome.)

Cliffs of Moher- Ireland

Cardiff, Wales


i'm as giddy as a school girl.


(Map of the Problematique- Muse- a British appropriate right now)

thanks google images for the pics!

December 6, 2010


as finals are quickly approaching and stress is on the rise, i can't help but wish i was a kid again. and since i don't have a time machine, i  reminisce instead on the childhood things that brought me joy (and some of them still do). so, here's a little list of things that made me giddy as a child (can you tell i like making lists?).

1. making retainers out of fruit roll-ups
2. bikes with streamers
3. collecting bugs (ew, right?)
4. mixing all the sodas in the fountain- making the perfect 'suicide drink'
5. pigtails, overalls, bows, and butterfly clips
6. the excitement of losing a tooth
7. trying to fall asleep on christmas eve
8. furbys
9. stealing strawberries/cherries from the neighbor's garden
10. going to the dump and getting baskin robbins after with my dad

who doesn't miss being a child? i crave the simplicity of childhood, where the hardest decision you had to make was what you were going to do when you got out of school, or what game to play at recess.

yet, we all must grow up. but, it doesn't mean that we still can't be a little childish every once in awhile. i actually think it's healthy to let your inner child show forth. now, who wants to make a fort?

i hope this brought a smile to your lips as you thought of the things that brought you joy as a child. :)

in the light of being a kid... here's my favorite band at that time, off the album that is possibly the best christmas cd ever made... NSYNC! (i had to)

image from photobucket

December 1, 2010

happy happy

thanksgiving is already over...what? i have two weeks left of school? my lab final is over? (no more dreaming of terms...extensor carpi radialis longus! corpora quadrigemina!) wow...that is definitely making me happy right now.

you know what else is making me happy? a new discovery...thanks to my mom's nail lady...kelsey and i have called it 'christmas in a cup'. it really is. it's diet coke + cranberry + fresh lime from sonic. oh. my. goodness. it is so good! i think i am addicted.

thanksgiving break was oh-so great. the parents and i went to monterey, california to visit my aunt and uncle and little cousin. we had a super yummy thanksgiving dinner...which is where i found my new favorite treat/appetizer: mozzarella cheese wrapped with prosciutto, topped with fresh basil and balsamic vinegar. wowza. so good!

we went to fisherman's wharf, carmel, and san francisco. just take a lookie! 

loved that trip. so many laughs!

speaking of laughs...check this out....

you're peeing your pants laughing, right?

and the song for this post... jens lekman. oh how i love his voice and the sweet combination of harp, piano, violin and guitar. it's a hug for your ears.