February 27, 2011

music lovin

i'm seriously loving mumford & sons right now. love the banjo. love his raspy voice. listen so you can love as well.

February 24, 2011

california trip

i'm back guys! sorry about the lack of a monday moments post, but i do have some juicies for this monday. :) so on thursday, we left around 5pm and drove to vegas. taylor's grandma was nice enough to let us stay the night. on friday, we drove the last 6 hours to santa barbara. there, we were greeted with rain.

boo. we walked around state street the best we could. but ended up soaked and cold. this little lovely was  the highlight of my day:

yummy. best frozen yogurt i have ever had. period. that night, we met taylor's parents for dinner, then we went to the byu vs ucsb volleyball game. too bad we got smashed. boo.

the next day, we woke up to more rain. we went to trader joes for some groceries. words cannot describe how much i love that place. we ended up going to solvang, a little danish town about 20 minutes from taylor's house.  so cute and fun, even in the rain!

when we got back, we played just dance on the wii. that. game. is. so. fun. i'm certainly not the best dancer, but when rasputin came on...watch out (maybe i bought the song on itunes. maybe).

on sunday after sacrament, we drove to the bob jones trail for a walk. after that, we went to avila pier and walked on the beach. they had these fun little swings on the sand, facing the ocean. just lovely.

after avila pier, we walked around the posh area of pismo beach and picked out our dream homes.

on monday, we went to knott's berry farm. crazy fun roller coasters, people! (i absolutely love roller coasters. love) i do have a picture from that day, but i am saving it for monday... heh heh.

we left knott's and drove to st. george. we got there around midnight and slept for four hours to make it back for classes tuesday. eek. i kept going cross-eyed, but it was so worth it to go to knott's.

here's taylor's cat, tiger, lovingly nicknamed 'fat cat'. because he was really huge. but he just lounged around and let you pet and snuggle him. i will miss you fat cat.

we had so much fun getting away from provo and road trippin it. i loved every second, even when it was raining!

so i kinda want to punch muzicons in the face. the site or my already loaded widgets don't work anymore. boo. so thank goodness i wrote the song/artist next to it so you can look it up! for now, we get grooveshark. lets hope it lasts, yeah?

February 16, 2011


you guys! i'm headed to california tomorrow! could i be any more excited?! no! so what if it rains a little? it's a road trip with these lovely ladies!

this is a much needed break from school and i could not be happier that it is here.

this song keeps popping into my head every time i think of our little trip! woo!

February 14, 2011

monday moments

you're starting to love mondays now, aren't you?! i knew it.


  • when i use hand motions while i'm on the phone. yes, i know they can't see me. but i still do it anyway. 
  • the crazy dreams i had last week! 1. kobe bryant and i were bff's. i woke up kinda liking the guy. til i realized that i really hate him. bad. 2. i was a contestant on the price is right! i do not watch the show, and i'm not even sure how to play. but i did guess that a jacket from nordstrom was 42 dollars. 
  • when people in my ward ask if i'm new. them: hey i haven't seen you here before! me: uh really? them: how long have you been in the ward? me: since august. them: ohhh. then i want to add REALLY?! 
  • burning my tongue on all things hot. every time. i'm way too impatient to wait for my soup/cocoa/tea to cool down. working on it. 


  • california in t-minus 3 days! WARM WEATHER!
  • down comforters- i just love those things, the sound they make, how fluffy they are...everything.
  • shaving my legs after it had been... a while. yeah, a while. 
  • the fact that i just got these little beauties:

happy valentine's day, everyone!

california.... here we come!

February 11, 2011

super bowl

i love a good party.

on sunday, we held an awesome super bowl party. no one really watched the game though. i even missed most of the commercials. best ones i saw? both the doritos commercials, and the e*trade ones. gosh, i just love that talking baby.

we also had some great food. i mean,  it's not the super bowl without some yummy food, right? maybe a little bit fatty, and a little greasy? it's definitely a must, even if you feel a little gross afterwards.

here's some action from sunday:

i have some pretty awesome friends.

alright...so muzicons isn't working, so grooveshark will have to do. except the song changes like a week later. boo. but, enjoy it while you can! and in case it does delete it.... pomplamoose- mrs. robinson.

February 7, 2011

monday moments

it's that time again! it seems like these are the only posts i've been making...hopefully that will change soon!


  • automatic toilets flushing when you're not finished. worse: when it flushes multiple times. i hate that. water sprays up then you stand up in scream a little. i'm not finished with you yet!
  • guys who wear sunglasses inside. either you're blind (that's ok), or you're a tool. i'm guessing it's the latter since you have no guide dog or stick thingy.
  • having a phone in the hotel bathroom. what, are you going to take care of business while taking care of business?
  • running with a backpack on. ultimate nerdy look.


  • flying alone for the first time! woo!
  • vegas for my cousin's wedding. ahh...so warm.
  • california girl's trip in less than two weeks!
  • super bowl goodness (food, friends, fun)
  • this photo. it may be awkward, but it is awesome in its awkwardness. please go to awkward family photos and laugh your pants off. 

p.s. michelle you are crazy. legitimately crazy! i strongly dislike you and your overly dramatic eyebrows!

two of us- aimee mann and michael penn

February 2, 2011


you guys. i have found a new favorite movie. i watched fantastic mr. fox last night and fell in love with it. this is definitely not a kid movie. it's clever, witty, and just amazing. i nearly cried with pleasure.

my favorite thing about it is that instead of swearing they say 'cuss'. "are you cussin' with me?" i think i will start doing that. why the cuss not?

another good quote: "if what i think is happening is happening... it better not be."


love vigilantes- iron & wine