May 28, 2012

Sad News.....


¿Cómo andan? I hope you're all enjoying the summer weather, because it is wet and chilly here in Pringles! Winter is definitely on the way... I'm not super excited about it. haha.
-Well, I've got some pretty sad news. Julieta wasn't baptized. We went over to Enrique's house and started prepping Julieta for baptism. She was pretty excited until Enrique said "So I'm baptizing her right?" NO, YOU AREN'T DOING ANYTHING TO CHANGE, MR. SMARTIE! We told him no, but he could still participate and all, but he got SO MAD. He was like, "I'm not going to support you in this, I won't come. This was special for me to do this for you because I love you," BLAH BLAH. Well, Enrique, you obviously don't love her enough to let HER achieve ETERNAL SALVATION, and YOU only want to do this for yourself. It was SO FRUSTRATING. I wanted to beat him with my umbrella, but then the news headline "Sister missionary gets sent home for mauling an 18 year old with her umbrella" flashed through my mind and I refrained. He was being so rude, I could hardly stand it. Julieta talked to us outside and said, I still want to get baptized. I want the Holy Ghost. But can we give him another chance to change? If he doesn't by the end of June, I will get baptized, sí or no? So we changed the date. THEN the next day we got a text from Julieta and it said she didn't ever want to get baptized, she wasn't going to come back to church, and to stop coming by Enrique's house. WHAT!! That was a 180 in a matter of 12 hours! We've tried calling, stopping by, we've fasted, but we can't find her. We want to know what happened and talk face to face. I am 100% sure that it has EVERYTHING to do with Enrique. So please pray for Julieta.
- Belén. I LOVE THIS GIRL. She is quitting smoking and her fecha is this Sunday. Her boyfriend, Jorge, is changing too. He's quitting smoking with her and he has more light in his face. He participates more in the lessons with us and comes to church activities. So, Belén will get baptized this Sunday, if she can completely quit smoking. She's already progressed so much with that, in a matter of one week. Capa. The other day she was praying and said "Thank you for sending me these girls. I love the presence they bring into my house". BAH! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
- We had an activity for Independence Day on 25 de Mayo. We had such a good turn out! We ate locro, a traditional Argentine dish that they ate like 100 years ago. It was...... yeah. Ok. Not my favorite. Some members did some traditional dancing and read some poems from Argentine poets. It was such a fun day.
- We had a St. Bernard follow us the other day, for almost 20 blocks! HE WAS HUGE! His head was like the size of a watermelon. We called him Vincent. Imagine two sister missionaries at your door with a St Bernard."Are you SURE you don't want to listen to our message?" (Cue the St. Bernard to growl). Later, his owner found him, relieved that he had been following us, and PUT HIM IN THE TRUNK OF A CIVIC! THE TRUNK!! Pobre.
- We found the granddaughter of a converso in the ward, Anabela. Her daughter was outside while we were contacting a reference, and she kept inching closer and closer. Finally she was like, what are your names? We talked to her for a bit then Anabela came out and let us in. We taught her lesson one and how to pray and asked her to say the last prayer. She did it, then we asked how she felt. She said " I don't know, I feel emotional, and I don't get emotional. I feel something here in my chest. I've never felt this before". Wow, right? Definitely one of the coolest experiences so far on the mission. We have high hopes for her. Please pray for her that she can find work. She's in a tough time right now.
- I read a great quote about keeping the Sabbath day holy. It really made me think. "Our observance of the Sabbath is an unnerving measure of our attitude toward the Lord personally and toward His suffering in Gethsemane, His death on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead. It is a sign of whether we are Christians in every deed, or whether our conversion is so shallow that commemoration of His atoning sacrifice means little or nothing to us." - Elder Mark E. Peterson. WOW, right?
-Shoutouts: Tyler and Ashley, I LOVED the pic of Lucas in the BYU shirt! SO CUTE!! Happy Birthday to NATALIE GRANT! Woo! Love you! And happy birthday to Kelsey yesterday, hope it was great. I got the BEST LETTER with pictures last week from the Serna crew! Thank you and I LOVE YOU JOSHUA, LEAH, MATTHEW, REBECCA! And of course Robert and Julie :). SOMEONE GO TELL RYAN DEGROOT I AM SO DANG PROUD OF HIM!! WOO MISSION! Everyone! I love you all! Read your scriptures! Pray every day! Pray with your family! Go to church! Do the little things! So simple, but so vital. 

Está obra es la obra del Señor! El sufrió por TODOS. No solamente por nuestros pecados, pero por nuestros dolores, affliciones, TODO. Cada día, le doy gracias a Dios por el sacrificio de su Hijo. Estoy tan agradacida que estoy sirviendo aca en Pringles.  LES QUIERO! 
Translation****(This work is the work of the Lord. He suffered for everyone. Not just for our sins, but for our pains, afflictions, EVERYTHING. Each day, I give thanks to God for the sacrifice of His Son. I am so grateful that I am serving over here in Pringles. I love you!)****

Hermana Squire (or Hermana Alta... (hermana tall) it´s a new one. And people spell my name SCUAIR so they say it right when I have to give a talk in sacrament)

Rocio, our cutie pie

May 21, 2012

Milagros!! (Miracles)


Oh my goodness, this week was GREAT! Wet, but so amazing. Miracles I tell ya, MIRACLES! Where do I even start?!

-We had 3 investigators in church yesterday. THREE! We went from 0 for the past 4 weeks to 3! Woo! So, Julieta came alone. She ALWAYS comes with Enrique. She told us that she called him that morning and he was all wishy washy about going to church and she told him that she's tired of waiting for him to change, so she's going to get baptized anyway. WHAT!!! AHHH! She asked us, "So when can we do it?" WELL, THIS SATURDAY OF COURSE!! WOOO! POR FIN! Ah, I'm so excited for her! We've been praying for this for a month! Ahhh what a miracle, no?
- We called Belén at 9:30 (when church starts) and she had been crying. Her uncle had passed away that morning (good timing on phone call, right?). We told her that if she felt up to it, she could come late. SHE CAME! She came in just after sacrament with puffy, red eyes and with Jorge. OH MY GOSH. She participated so much in the class for the jovenes (youth) and stayed the WHOLE TIME. Oh my gosh. I LOVE HER! We only have diezmo y ofrendas (tithes & offerings) left to teach her. We taught Word of Wisdom and Chastity with her WHOLE DANG FAMILY there. Awkward. But she´s working on quitting smoking. She is truly the golden investigator.
- How we found Belén is totally the Lord´s doing. We met Analia after fasting, then met her brother Filipe. We visited with Filipe and his señora, Yanina (they aren't progressing) and then we were knocking at their house one day and Jorge was there (menos activo and novio *boyfriend* of Belén). We visited Jorge at his house and that's where we met Belén. Belén is Yanina´s SISTER! What in the world...??? all this work and family connections and we find Belén. Our little gem of an investigator. I hope that made sense.
- Rosio (little CUTIE PIE in the picture) came with her family too! La familia Varela is menos activo, but are working with them. They are the greatest and I LOVE THEM. Gabby is working on quitting drinking so he can baptize his daughter. Rosio is SERIOUSLY the cutest girl you will ever meet. I want to squeeze her all the time.
- Lesson learned this week: Check boots for spiders before you put them on, or you might find one smashed against your tights that night.
- We had just finished teaching an investigator about the resurrection and how we would have perfected bodies. She told us she was happy for that because she had a ´problem´ that none of her siblings had. Then what happened, you ask? SHE HAD A SEIZURE, right then! Oh my word! Hna Israelsen was freaking out, and I don't know why, but I was just so calm. I just helped her stabilize and it passed. Freaky, but what timing, right? Vomit and seizures... what´s next?
- It rained SO HARD on Wednesday. We seriously had a river on our street. A RIVER. It probably would have been easier to canoe to our lessons.This is when we found out our roof leaks. Luckily Hermana Israelsen and I came back to grab something and saw it was leaking so we were able to put pots and pans out everywhere. Oh, the mission.
Shoutouts: HADDY MAE. Happy dang birthday. Hope it was great. Thought about you tons yesterday. And... soggy waffle... hope you got that. AND I WOULD LOVE TO BE YOUR HONORARY BRIDESMAID!! Aw, you're gonna make me cry. YOUR DRESS IS THE DANG CUTEST! SO YOU. Bah, I love you. Paige- The Abundant Life- Elder Wirthlin. Read and Report. I love you dear. KELSEY FARR! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SUNDAY!!! 21 you old lady. TO ALL MY DEAR FRIENDS!  We just got a  brand new rule sheet from the zone leaders! We can't open emails from friends!! Aunts, uncles, cousins (cousin´s wives), brother and sister in-law and nephew (Tyler and Ashley), and grandparents are ok... but the rest of you,  :-( So sad! Dearelders for you! They take longer, I know, but if you have something EXCITING to say like you're getting married! You're having a baby! etc., shoot an email to my mama ( and she'll inform me. I'm so sorry, but I have to be obedient!! So, o.k.?

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! Bah, being a missionary is the best. It makes you so dang happy. It's really so true, when you are serving others with your whole self, it makes you so happy. I hope all of you have felt or will feel this happiness.

Hermana Squire (Hermana SQUARE... it's a new one. People are like, OH! Like the shape in English, right? Sure. Close enough)

Pic 1: The flood in front of our house
Pic 2: Rosio. Our 9 year old investigator. Her dad (menos activo) is the bald man in the back. I LOVE ROSIO! Isn´t she the most adorable girl?!

***NO PICTURES CAME. Bummer! (this is Janie)

May 15, 2012

Transfers and I Almost Got Eaten By A Dog!

Hola Todos!

Well, my first transfer in the field is now over. It went SO FAST! What in the world? I will be staying here in Pringles. In fact, all of my district will be staying, so we're happy about that! We've got some promising investigators and we are ready to work hard to get baptisms this transfer.

- Belén- This girl is the DIEZ!(10) She's the girlfriend of a menos activo and we found her last Sunday. We've already taught her the first 3 lessons! She's 17, and OH MY GOSH! She is the best!! She reads everything we give her, highlights passages in the Book of Mormon, AND does the additional studies in the back of the folletos (pamphlets) that we leave her! She remembers what she's read and everything! Sometimes Hermana Israelsen and I are like...Is this girl for REAL?! Get this, I asked her if she knew Jose Smith was a prophet. AND YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SAID? Well, yeah. There?s no way he could have written this book without the help of God. He's like Moses, right? AHHHH! Pray hard for her!! I really want to see her baptized!
- We are concentrating more on the menos activos in the branch than before. We really need strong members who can have callings and help us with our investigators. Presidente Wilt told us yesterday he really wants us to work with the menos activos, so he can lift the load of teaching all of the classes off our shoulders. We are really trying to strengthen these menos activos and get them back to church. There are SO MANY that have great potential.
- I ate cornmeal mush/crap again this week. I need to teach them how to make cornbread.
- Ok, so I read another talk by Elder Christoffersen this week. I LOVE THIS MAN! It?s called "As Many as I Love, I Rebuke and Chasten". SO AMAZING. Here's what I learned: We will be judged for our works on this earth, but what we've DONE isn't as important as what we've BECOME.  We should willingly accept and even seek for corrections. Just think: God considers us worth the time and trouble to correct. Divine chastening has 3 purposes 1) to persuade us to repent 2) Define and sanctify us- to prepare us for greater spiritual privileges and 3) at times to redirect our course in life to what God knows is a better path. He then shared a story about the Currant bush. GO READ IT. May we always say "Thank you Mr. Gardener, for loving me enough to cut me down".
- So, I almost got eaten by 3 dogs. I thought this only happened to Elders, but I WAS WRONG. So we were looking for a menos activo family and were clapping at this gate (we clap here, we don't knock if there's a gate) and these 3 HUGE dogs come running out from behind the house. Usually, dogs just bark at us and leave us alone. But they came up and were jumping on us and one was tugging at my skirt with his teeth! I have 2 huge tears now! At least it wasn't my flesh...Well, we started running, but Hna Israelsen turned around and swung her Book of Mormon like a bat and knocked one over the head. They ran away after that! It's a good thing she had her LDM (Libro de Mormon) in a hard case! It would have been death by dog for the both of us! We were pretty shaky after that. Dumb dogs.
-We are actually on a shortage of LDM in the mission. They are on back order! It's hard to have someone pray about the LDM if they don't have one, haha. Pray that we get some Libros de Mormón, soon!
- We had a lesson with Enrique and Julieta and they asked me to pray in English. I COULDN'T DO IT! I haven't prayed in English in 3 months! It was like trying to speak a new language all over again. "les bendigas... erm please bless" haha, so embarrassing.
- Earlier this week, it was raining SO HARD! We seriously looked like we decided to shower in our clothes. So we came to a curb and there was practically a river running next to it, so I was doing this awkward shuffle, trying to figure out the best way to jump across (who knows why, I was soaked anyway), when I stepped on something and almost fell. I looked down, and what was it? A diaper? No. A DEAD, BLOODY, DECAPITATED PIGEON. A PIGEON!  I started yelling PIGEON! I STEPPED ON A PIGEON! Like some weirdo and ran off the sidewalk. Couldn't stop laughing after that.
Shoutouts: HADDY MAE JARVIS- you are a DANG BABE in your engagement pictures. I love you. I read your letter and I laughed so hard about the Ryan Reynold's picture (I'M BUSY!). Happy Bday on the 20th! I miss you and a letter is on the way!! Congratulations to Sean Johnson on getting set apart as an Elder! Proud of you, buddy. Dave and Anna- BABY BUMP! Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see pictures of baby girl Dunn! Got any names picked out? Hey mamas! I hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day :)

I'm so dang happy here in Argentina. THESE ARE MY PEOPLE! I LOVE THEM! Sometimes I want to bop them on the head for saying they'll come to church, then they don't, but I STILL LOVE THEM! Being a missionary is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. THE BEST, I TELL YA! I hope all of you are well and enjoying spring. I love ya!

Hermana Squire

LOVED TALKING TO YOU YESTERDAY! AHHH best ever. I had a perma-smile for the rest of the night. So: we walked 280 miles this transfer. WOW!!! My shoes are holding up. Dirty, but still working.  LOVE YA!

May 7, 2012

Pioner Children Sang as they walked, and walked, and walked

-Ok this title explains my week. It seems like we walked SO MUCH. I have a pedometer and the record is 13 miles... so yes, I feel like a pioneer. Saturdays are the big walking days. We go find all our investigators and try and get them pumped and ready for church. This week, we visited AND called people. 10 people said they were coming to church. Guess how many came? 0. I was sitting in sacrament thinking, you've got to be joking me. JUST COME TO CHURCH PEOPLE!  Bahh, so frustrating. I don´t know what else we can do to get people to church.
- Analia... oh man. This woman has got some major issues. She feels like every time she starts doing the right thing, major trials come into her life. The last time she almost got baptized, they were homeless and they almost took her children away. So sad. We prayed with her and she offered the most sincere, heart felt prayer. We had been wondering why we hadn't met her pareja and why she never really talked about him. WE NOW KNOW WHY!. We passed by last night and he answered the door... UM!!! He can't be a day over 18 years old. AH!!! SHE´S LIKE 38!!! WHAT IS SHE THINKING! No wonder she wants his parents permission, he's a BABY! So we don't know what we´re going to do. She hasn't been coming to church, so if she doesn't keep her commitments, we're going to have to drop her. So sad.
- We taught Hnas Legizamon and Linco to say ´nose goes´. They think it is the funniest thing ever.
- Pringles can't decide if it wants to be winter or not. It was SO WARM this week! So nice! More people are outside!
- We had another asada at Hno Achigar's. Lamb again... I wasn't a fan before, but man, these Argentines KNOW how to do it. So dang good. Did I mention Hno Achigar owns a BAR?! Haha the funniest thing ever. He also bought us a sacarropas- a thing that spins all the water out of our clothes. It doesn't dry them completely, but it does the job!! I never thought I would almost cry over a home appliance. SO AMAZING! We were so worried about what we were going to do in the winter with our clothes drying. This man is seriously the best.
- We had a noche de hogar (FHE) with a menos activo, Maria José. We did cookies of the restoration, using Sister Hobson's recipe! The brown sugar is different here, so they came out brown, but they were a hit! I love Maria José!
- We are also working with the Famila Varela, another menos activo family. They are going through a hard time with no work. We stopped by and shared a quick message and they expressed their desires about coming back to church. THEY CAME YESTERDAY! The best thing ever! Ahh. I've been think about what makes people go inactive. I read a talk by Elder Samuelsen (CECIL!!) about Testimony. The small and simple things like reading scriptures, praying, going to church are crucial. Satan will make you think that you don't have to pray one night, then the next, then you skip a Sunday... it's a gradual and vicious cycle. DO THE SMALL AND SIMPLE THINGS! I´m begging you all, if you don't, your testimony will be in jeopardy. Another great point is that we need to trust in the things we believe in or know to sustain us in times of uncertainty or with issues where we struggle. Don't lose faith in what you do know because of what you don't know. Love that quote.
-Shoutouts: ASHTON CRAIG- I missed your bday. Sorry. Hope it was great! Hermano Larsen! Thank you so much for the package!! That was very kind of you, and I really appreciate it! Loved it! Greg Dunn: I read your letter you wrote me and I cried. Thank you so much. It was exactly what I needed at the time and I really, really appreciate it. You're the best. Also, I'm in gaucho land...(South American farmers- knee high boots, khakis, ascots, button ups and berets. THE BEST EVER) To everyone that wrote me a letter for my little book: THANK YOU! The one's I´ve read so far have been such a boost and such a support for me. I have the best family and friends in the world. VENICE! Letter on the way to you! You have some explaining to do, missy. IS JUSTIN STUCKI HOME??! If he is, RaRa, HaHa, give him a squid sized squeeze for me. TO ALL THE MOMS IN MY LIFE (Adrienne, Natalie Grant, Nancy Shriever, Aunt Lori, Grandma Squire, Grandma Hobson, Tia Alice, Soila, Aunt Jeni, Aunt Anne, Michelle Young, Adriana, Susan... and my mama,
the best lady around :-) HAPPY MOTHER´S DAY! I LOVE YOU ALL! Happy Mother's Day to ALL the mom's out there. I love you, and thank you for your example.
-This work is the Lord's work. I am so proud to wear His name on my chest every day. I am so happy to be trusted as His messenger. These people need this gospel. There is so much heartache that can be avoided if you follow the principles of the gospel. I love loving these people. I love when I can feel the love God has for them. The mission has already blessed my life so much!
I love you all as much as Argentine's love their mate! Besos!

Hermana Squire

PADRES! (answers to questions)
No guacamole... I haven't seen any avocados actually. But the food is SO DELISH. Wow! What we had at that house was NOT Argentine. We travel to Bahia via convi (15 seater van thing) or collectivo (bus with cushiony reclined seats) pretty nice. GOT MY PACKAGE! Both, actually. I'm such a baby. I cried when I opened it. You are seriously the best parents ever. Also, I CAN'T CHEW GUM! Haha I keep forgetting to tell you. I chew that in the morning.  Ok so what we don´t have in Argentina that you can still send: American candy. Kids LOVED it when I passed out tootsie rolls. If you can send mini stuff every once in a while that would be great. I miss my mama's cookin. Especially your bread. I almost cried thinking of the two loaves I had to leave behind at the MTC.

May 2, 2012

I LOVE Being a Missionary!

Amigos y familia,

Well, I have calluses on my calluses, a mosquito decided to feast ON MY FACE last night, I hang my clothes on a line to dry, I wear flip-flops and wool socks in my house because it´s so cold, it was wet and chilly this week, I feel gipped because I left the states at the beginning of spring and now it´s the end of fall... BUT I AM HAPPY AS A DANG CLAM! Seriously! I love Pringles, I love sharing the gospel, I love speaking Spanish, I LOVE IT ALL!!  "I JUST DON´T UNDERSTAND!"  Ha ha, missionary work is the best.

- Investigators: The fecha(date) for Analia and Rodrigo has been moved. They didn't come to church :( Analia is having trouble getting married because the family of her pareja(partner) doesn't want to sign (marriage/divorce is way complicated here). So we´re praying for a miracle. Filipe, her brother, is not a member!! Ah! So he still needs to get divorced and married to his senora. They live in a TEENY house... seriously it is as big as my class at the MTC, with 4 kids! We went over there this week and he´s like, "I have the desires to stop smoking, I know I need to get baptized."  So I said, "do you have any cigarettes here?"  And he said "yup", then I said, "well, you can give them to me and I´ll take care of them." And he gave them to me!! WHAT! Since when am I the cigarette police! My name tag (plaque) sure gives you that extra authority! I felt super weird carrying those around the rest of the day!
-We found 3 nuevos(new) this week, Rosio (12), Florencia (14), and Carina. They are so sweet! Florencia has a learning disability, but Rosio said she would read the LDM(Libro de Mormon) to her. I'm excited about these girls. Carina is their mom, and she's a single mother of 8! I just love them! Now the challenge is GETTING THEM TO CHURCH! I swear, that´s where Satan does his work. He keeps people from coming to church. SO FRUSTRATING! I hope I´m still around for their baptisms.
- So Filipe"s señora was praying, and she´s evangelico, and they say Señor Jesus after every sentence. I SWEAR she said "amen" I said "amen"... but she was NOT finished. Embarrassing!
- This week we had interviews with Presidente. He brought us all in the capilla(chapel) and we could ask him any doctrinal question we wanted... or anything about our investigators. He is so insightful and smart! I love him! I´m sad he´ll be leaving in 2 months. Interviews were great. We missed our collectivo(bus) back to Pringles... and the next one didn't leave until 9 pm, so we had our district meeting then worked in our Elders' area. They have a wealthier area and man, I admire them because a lot of people were very rude and had hard hearts. It made me grateful for my little Pringles!
- So NOBODY has callings in the rama (branch). We are working on that. We need teachers! The missionaries can´t teach every class! We have qualified members who could easily teach... and our recent converts need callings to stay active! Only 5 people in the rama(branch) have callings. I think that if more recent converts got callings, they would stay active. There are 400 members in Pringles... about 350 are inactive... Yup, that's gotta change. Hna Israelsen and I are visiting a lot of menos activos (less actives? is that what it is in English? Ha, I can´t remember). The Familia Bailone has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. But Hno Bailone is angry at God for taking his father and angry at the rama(branch) because he had a lot of callings. BUT HE KNOWS that the church is true! A lot of praying is going to go into this family, that is for sure.
- I read a talk by Elder Christoffersen this week: The divine gift of repentance. I would encourage ALL of you to read it. I learned that without repentance, there is no progress or improvement in life. And that the invitation to repent is an expression of love. That is what we are asking investigators to do. Repent, and feel the joy that comes from forgiveness. The pain from the process of repentance is forgotten when one feels the inexplicable joy that comes from forgiveness. Also- when we repent, we strive to change. It may require repeated attempts but there is something refining and holy in this striving. WOW WOW WOW! I love being a missionary and receiving this sort of inspiration and personal revelation. I feel like I am growing and changing so much. I need to change, I have a lot to work on, that's for sure. But through the atonement, I CAN change. What a miracle.
-Shoutouts: Kelsey: Congrats on your teaching job! I want a picture of you in your teacher clothes. And HILLARY NORTON IS ON A MISSION! What in the world? why did I not know this? Kels, could you send her a dearelder for me? Tell her I love her and I want her address. SO COOL! Ecuador is getting one fine lady. Taylor: YOU ARE GRADUATED, YOU OLD LADY! Pics please. Kristen and Haddy: you better send me engagement pics and an invitation, or I´ll stop praying for you. Haha, jk, I WILL ALWAYS PRAY FOR YOU! Hno Larsen, 3 months is right! Tomorrow, woo hoo! Corbett family: loved your email! And loved your scripture study insights. ALWAYS great to get spiritually uplifting letters. Adriana Molina: Gracias por la carta! Besos y abrazos!  Paige- Waiting on the Lord: Thy will be done. Read it. Write back your thoughts. Love you. EVERYONE! I love you all! More than I love it when Hermana Linco says: 'I am a loser' when she forgets something! More than dulce de leche...and that´s a lot! Have a great week!

Besos y Abrazos,
Hermana Squire, Skeeray, y Hermana.... "No sé" (Alexis, the son of Presidente, is 8 and doesn't know how to say my name. He says Hermana...Sk...  Hermana.... "No sé" *don't know)

 I GOT THE PACKAGE! And letters 1 and 2 from dad! WOOOHOOO!! PEANUT BUTTER!!! I almost cried! I'm so serious. Yes, it's chilly. It will get worse. My foot is fine. When I stretch it, it feels like a creaky door but it´s not bothering me anymore. Oatmeal is so great! We don´t have a microwave so it takes longer to boil water, but so delish! Thank you! Please send Burt's Bees chapstick, if possible, the April conference edition when it comes. Can you have it bound? Sorry to ask for so much!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH! THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE AND PRAYERS!