October 30, 2010

Identity Crisis

so when i decided to make this blog, i had a mini heart attack when i saw the "blog title" field. what should i name my blog? so i googled it. "clever blog titles". yeah, that didn't do much good. tired of thinking about it, i picked the next thing that came to mind, "life as i know it". great. looks good, sounds cute. except... it's a movie (Life as We Know It), and a little cliche. thing is, a blog should be about you and what you love. after all,  you'll be blogging about what you love (and occasionally what bothers you). so what does cydnee love? music. music, music and more music. i find more joy in discovering a new artist than in any other thing. so i've decided that this blog will not only be about my life and the experiences i have, but also about the music in my life at the time. who knows, maybe you will find a new artist to love.
so here it is... my blog... and the soundtrack to my life.

so to start of this musical journey, here is Cat Power- Sea of Love. just wonderful. enjoy

October 28, 2010


This is my very first blog, thanks to Kelsey. You can follow her here. Look at me, all blog savvy, links on my first try! Well here it goes. Life as I know it.