April 10, 2014

January - March

I never said this was gonna be a weekly thing... but here's what I did in January-March, according to my iphone.

Over Christmas break, my best friend Haddy came down from New Jersey and we got to test out their new snow shoeing gear up AF canyon. So much fun!

In February, I went to a super cute V-day bash that these cuties hosted! I have some lovely friends.

For MLK jr holiday, I headed up to Tetonia, Idaho with some friends. We had such a great time playing games and watching movies. I also drove a snowmobile for the very first time.
 I tried chicken and waffles for the first time. Delish. 

...And I took some lovely pics up in SLC. Can you believe I edited these with my phone?

March 19, 2014

End of 2013

 Ok guys, I'm gonna make another attempt at this blogging thing. I've been thinking of all the reasons that I had a blog before my mission and why I kept it up for so long. I came to one simple conclusion: I blogged because I wanted to remember. I don't have any opinions to express, I don't want to post about my outfits, I just want to document my lil ol' life so that one day, I can look back and be flooded with sweet memories. Do I care if anyone reads this? Nah. I know I at least have 2 loyal readers, and they are my parents. So, here we go again guys.

To catch you up, here are some pics of the end of 2013!
I celebrated my 23rd birthday with my besties in October.

I made 3 wonderful friends at my new apartment
We celebrated K. Milli's birthday.
Paige and I went to the Lower Lights Christmas concert. So good.

My family and I went to San Francisco to watch BYU play in the Fight Hunger Bowl