August 8, 2011

I Heart London

On Friday after the banquet (and after many tears and hugs), the parents and I went to the Tattoo Festival... the Military Tattoo Festival, where military bands perform in front of Edinburgh castle. It was amazing! When the Scottish military came out with their bagpipes... man. Chills is all I can say.

On Saturday, we got tickets to see the Edinburgh Castle. It was cool to see the Great Hall, Crown Jewels, and the museum.

Then it started raining. Because guess what? It rains all the time in the UK, did you know? We tried walking the Royal Mile and made it halfway through before we were soaked to the bone. Not fun. And you know what? I was wearing Toms. It always rains when I wear my Toms. They are permanently stinky, thanks to this country.

On Sunday, we took the train to London. We hurried to our hotel, dropped our stuff ate a quick dinner before we saw Thriller Live. Wowza. It was so so good! There was this white guy that could sing exactly like Michael. Exactly. And there was some insane dancing. We loved it.

Today, we rushed to Buckingham Palace for our "Royal Day Out" tour. We saw the Queen's Gallery:

We also saw the Royal Mews. This is where all the royal cars, coaches, and horses are kept. This was definitely a highlight!

Royal Stables

The 1902 State Landau- Will and Kate rode away in this after the wedding!
The Golden Carriage
Rolls Royce Phantom VI... the car Kate arrived in to Westminster Abbey
After the Royal Mews, we went to tour the state rooms of Buckingham Palace and we saw.... KATE'S WEDDING DRESS. The real thing. In real life. Wow, it was beautiful, and so so tiny. No pictures... but here's some from the good ol' world wide web: 

The inside of the palace was so beautiful. No detail was overlooked. I could have spent hours roaming around the rooms. 

After the palace, we headed to Westminster so my parents could see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and the London Eye. See pics on a previous post here

Then, we headed back to Kensington and met the lovely Paige for dinner and ice cream. She leaves on Friday for home! We both can't believe the end is so soon, and we both have developed a love for London. Maybe we'll come back together someday. :)

We walked her back to her area through Hyde Park. What a lovely little walk! After we dropped her off, I took my parents to see Trafalgar Square... where I spent 7 house standing non stop to see the HP stars.

It was a fun and busy day. Tomorrow we have another long list of things to keep us busy, including Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, Harrods, Wicked and hopefully a little shopping!

I always love me some Sea Wolf

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