June 13, 2011

monday moments and some music

Oh hey, it's London.

Again with the late posting!! I'm just going to forewarn you: this will not be the best awkward and awesome post you will ever see. I'm lacking in the awesome department a little. But, I won't fail my happy 15 followers (welcome Paige) by not posting anything, so here you go!


  • [The faint of heart should not read this one... it's a little gross] So tonight Kelsey and I went to Joe Vera's for dinner with my family. Right after that, we went to the gym to do yoga. Well, Kelsey's food didn't settle very well and she quickly went to the bathroom and puked. She came back and said she still had a gross taste in her mouth, so what did I do? I offered her my gum... that was already in my mouth. And she took it. That is true friendship right there.
  • The insane amount of tools all over golds gym. Really. 
  • When we got home, we saw a couple in the parking lot. Naturally, I was like "who is that? who are they?". The best solution to find out was to shine our brights. So we did. We still don't know who they are.


  • 8 days people! EIGHT! A little over a week and I will be on that plane to Ireland!
  • I got an old family friend, Chad Lewis (am I name dropping?), to come and do a fireside at our ward tonight. It. Was. Amazing. That guy knows now to touch people's lives.
  • The other day, I saw a guy walking down bulldog, strumming a ukulele. You go, uke man. 

I didn't get to watch The Bachelorette. So, no commentary. Fear not, friends, there will be commentary sometime this week. I am going through finals right now, so there's plenty of studying going on... sorta. 

Day 13: A song that is your guilty pleasure. I've chosen Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson. When I first heard this song, I thought, wow, how vain. Now, I think it's pretty hilarious... and catchy.

Do you want an extra music bonus? I just heard this song and I'm loving it. Lost and Found- Kill Van Kulls.


  1. You are hysterical. I laughed out loud. I love your awkward/awesome posts. I may steal it :). Be safe - and come home soon!


  2. :) I already stole this from someone else... so feel free to adopt the idea. iT makes me laugh at how awkward and awesome my life is. I love doing these posts!