June 22, 2011

Hello, Ireland

Well, blogger is being a little brat and not letting me post a picture. So sorry, folks. I'M IN IRELAND! Half of our group is here, and now we're waiting for some others to arrive. The flight from SLC to NYC was not bad at all. Then we had a 5 hour layover, where Kelsey and I ate the nastiest sandwiches, but we didn't care, because we we starving. We watched You Again at our gate, and at 11 p.m., we finally boarded the plane. Both Kelsey and I thought that the flight would be 7-8 hours. Nope! It was 5.5! We freaked out a little because we both took some 'sleeping aids' for the flight, and we thought we wouldn't be able to wake up. I ended up waking up a ton, but the flight seemed really short. Breakfast was served sometime, but I don't remember anything, haha. Soon we'll be leaving to see the Bunratty castle, but right now, I'm loving listening to the Irishmen talk. As soon as I get pictures, I will post them! Until next time!

Day 17 is a song you always hear on the radio. That would be Firework by Katy Perry. And guess what? I'm not posting it. Go listen to it yourself, if you really want. Instead, I'm going to post a little vacation playlist. Now, that's better than listening to Katy Perry, right?

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