September 10, 2011


So, in my papers, it says that instead of sheets, I am to bring a sleeping bag. I found this one at, and the reviews say that it is perfect for traveling and for warm and cool nights.

This will be interesting.


  1. it says to bring a sleeping bag? what the heck! Mine says to bring a blanket and 4 sets of sheets.... we only have 2 suitcases! have you found any cute clothes yet?

  2. four sets! what the. My dad said he brought two. you can just wash them in between! sheesh. Yes, mine says I need a sleeping bag! Crazy right? hopefully i find a compact one. Also, I haven't gone shopping yet, but I've found a few over the knee ones, two I got in london (a peach polka dot, and a navy pleated (for zone conferences and other more professional parts), and my mom found a really cute olive green one at nordstrom. I just need a few more heat/humidity friendly ones! Have you found any yet? We should have a shopping date!!

  3. i think i know what youa re talking about... the one from nordstrom. Its super cute! I have found a few... its harder for me though Im 5'11! I have been looking online and everything but YES WE SHOULD! I am going to get a ton of my stuff before I move home mid december while I can with my discount. But seriously though, we should go shopping! I am hapving so much fun trying to get ready haha! i loev you!