April 30, 2011


aren't these hilarious/cool? i'm loving these creations by hipster animals. follow them on tumblr!

here are some more of my favorites:

April 28, 2011

feelin nostalgic

nos·tal·gia- [no-stal-juh, -jee-uh]: a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.

sorry for the lack of posting... food poisoning found me :( boo. anywho, i've compiled a little playlist of songs that make me feel nostalgic. i don't know what it is about these songs, but every time i hear them, it makes me lean my head back, close my eyes, and smile. i hope you enjoy.

what songs make you nostalgic?

April 25, 2011

monday moments

or frozen yogurt

sorry for the late post, friends! i have been enjoying a relaxing weekend at home with my family, and i started reading the alchemist. too bad i have to go back to school on wednesday, dang it.


  • having approximately 85 tabs open and only one of them is playing music
  • telling someone that their zipper is undone. hmm...why were you looking there in the first place?
  • awkwardly laughing when you didn't actually hear what someone said, but you already said 'what?' too many times 
  • kids on leashes. come on. that's just wrong.


  • not having a single piece of homework or studying for 5 whole days!
  • ah, pistachio frozen yogurt from yogurt land. heaven 
  • spending a lovely easter sunday with my cousins and their cute kids
  • countdown study abroad: 57 days.

April 24, 2011

happy easter!

"The tomb is empty and thus my life is full.

How I love Him ! And revere Him. I strive to do His will and fail all too often. 
But He picks me up, dusts me off, and helps me try again. Surely He is the God of Love.

For He has borne my sorrows, my sins, and my grief.

I invite you, all of you, to come unto Him and enjoy His peace, His calmness in the midst of chaos
 and sorrow, and the warmth of His love. Bend your knees and seek Him out. 
You will feel His cleansing power. 
He IS risen."

“In all the history of the world there have been many great and wise souls, 
many of whom claimed special knowledge of God. 
But when the Savior rose from the tomb, He did something no one had ever done. 
He did something no one else could do. He broke the bonds of death, 
not only for Himself but for all who have ever lived—
the just and the unjust." -Joseph B. Wirthlin

April 21, 2011

cloud nine

this is where i am right now guys. and it feels so good.

after one long week full of google docs, study guides, and texts books, i walked back home from campus this morning wanting to jump for joy. this semester is over! woo! (at least until wednesday, then it all starts back up again)

now that it's over, i'm going to actually read a real book, not one that is required for school. i'm thinking either the alchemist, or the kite runner.  what are your suggestions?

one sad thing is that i had to say goodbye to these lovely ladies:

aw, it makes me wanna cry. taylor is off to london study abroad in 5 days, kristen is going back to home to work, and paige is going back to arizona until she goes to london in june (i will totally see her there). i will miss them all terribly. 

goodbye winter semester! i will not miss you!

April 19, 2011


so maybe i'm a little obsessed with anna kendrick's paris shoot for glamour uk's april edition. could it be because i will be there in three months? possibly. or could it be the pretty clothes and beautiful photography? hmm.

i want this whole outfit, but if i had to choose one thing, it would be those 
shoes. drool.

see you in july, paris.

April 18, 2011

monday moments

i really want this to happen to me

forgive the short-ness of this post. i've been cooped up studying for finals, which put a slight damper on me witnessing some awkwards and aweseomes.


  • spending 6 hours studying for physiology in the library during the most beautiful day we've had so far in provo. boo
  • during that said study session, when i would take a visual break and look around, i kept making the most awkward eye contact with a boy directly in front of me, two tables away. it probably happened 23 times, no joke
  • calling someone and realizing you have to sneeze, so you pray it won't come, or that you'll be finished before they answer.


  • two down, two to go
  • my hardest final, physiology, is now over (cue hallelujah chorus)
  • countdown to europe: 64 days. woo!
  • i really want to cuddle a nice lion. just have it give me a big ol' lion hug (like above). doesn't it look so snuggly??

to those of you taking finals: good luck. to those of you still in school for another month: ha-ha!

zebra- beach house

April 17, 2011

oh summer

heaven help me. if this doesn't make you long for summer like crazy, i don't know what will.

summer. come quick.

california sunrise- dirty gold

tahnee: to happiness

this, my friends, is tahnee.

tahnee just got back from working in an orphanage in equador. she's just a humanitarian goddess! tahnee and i met randomly through a friend, and later on, we became closer. and despite her living in idaho for school, and me living down here, we still remain close. we have so much in common and we are always laughing. she's always willing to listen and help. i just love her :)

here's tahnee's happy list:

tahnee: to happiness

1. mother natures water
2. bubble baths with Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream
3. the smell of wet pavement (rain or waterfight it is a joyous scent)
4. lights outside and night-stars and city
5. people watching
6. finding notes and money
7. seeing and playing with kids and elderly (always have been this way but having my own kids and then having to say goodbye makes me cry a little everyday. my heart has holes.)
8. nicknames (they make you feel special and loved)
9. steak (I used to bring steak to school in ziplocks and snack on it. I eat steak all three meals. I love it.)
10. I have to say this.. delicious men. cologne and deodorant is just so ahhh. (Living without men around for 4 months makes it almost creepy when you finally smell man again. I appreciate it much more now)

April 12, 2011


this is seriously how i feel right now. i think i spend way too much time being sad/angry/frustrated. really. there are so many things to be happy about! like:

the end of the semester is on the horizon
i'm going to st. george after finals for some much needed sun
my amazing family
my supportive friends
the gospel
my knowledge

bah! my insides are simply bursting with joy.

i dare you to try not to smile while listening to this.

April 11, 2011

monday moments

just lovin it.

  • so i turned on my electric toothbrush before it was in my mouth. cue tiny toothpaste droplets all over my face and in my hair. super
  • today, there was an annoying flickering light in the hallway. i kept shooting it dirty looks every time i passed, but it just kept flick-flick-flickering 
  • the other day, i spilled most of my route 44 diet coke on the carpet. i was more upset about the lost dc than the carpet (btw, carpet is fine)
  • on friday, i went in to get my eyes checked by the ophthalmologist. they put in those drops that make your pupils huge. they were seriously the size of dimes. while waiting for it to take effect, i got my phone out, but i couldn't read anything. super awesome side effect of pupil dilators. my eyes turned out to be healthy, and i was instructed to wear sunglasses for 2-3 hours after, even in the overcast, rainy weather. so i drove to school (not really knowing how fast i was going or what time it was, eek) and strode to class, sunglasses and all, in the dreary weather. i only had one class, so i decided to ditch the sunglasses for an hour. bad idea. i was squinting and shielding my eyes the whole period. i also couldn't read what i was writing, nor what i was texting. this is what i sent kristen: i've probablyy stepped on 500 worms on the way hete. ans i'm nit even sue of this text mkaes sense because like the wprms, i xant see it. just one awkwardly awesome day.
  • back to the sunglasses thing: i really felt super awk wearing sunglasses inside. i didn't want anyone to think i was one of those people, who think they are so cool and wear sunglasses all the time. boo those people.
  • seriously loving driving with the windows down and the sunroof open.
  • 2 more days of classes, woo! (then it's on to finals, then spring semester... boo.)
  • yogurtland. you guys. if you haven't been yet, go. go now! ahhh, every single flavor is so delicious! bah!
  • i found out from the eye doctor that i needed reading glasses. woo! i'm currently sporting my black framed ray bans :)

April 10, 2011

taylor: to happiness

meet taylor.

not a big deal or anything, but in that first pic, taylor and i are pretty much wearing exactly the same thing.

oh my goodness, i really love this girl. my freshman year, i took the risk and signed a contract to an apartment with 3 girls i didn't know. i'm sure glad i did, because this girlie ended up being one of my [fabulous] roommates. it took a little bit for me to quit being shy and start making friends with the girls i lived with, but now, the four of us are besties. and i am so glad.  i really couldn't ask for a better friend than taylor. really.

i asked taylor to give me her happy list, and just fyi, #10 includes me.

taylor: to happiness

Things that make me happy:
1. The feeling of your teeth being squeaky clean after the dentist
2. The swings at the beach, and all things relating to the beach
3. The Carpenters Christmas CD
4. Playing tennis on warm, sunny days
5. Disneyland and eating monte cristos. It’s amazing how something that sounds so wrong could taste so right.
6. Getting into sweats after being in fancy clothes all day
7. Caribbean Passion smoothies from Jamba Juice
8. John Daker
9. J. Crew. And since I am a poor college student, the J. Crew catalogue
10. Road trips with my best friends!

wanna hear more from taylor? check out her blog.

April 9, 2011

lost in my mind

love. wish i was this cool. love those lamps.

the head and the heart- lost in my mind

April 7, 2011

confession session: april

1. i absolutely cannot brush my teeth without an electric toothbrush. ever since i discovered that your teeth can feel i-just-went-to-the-dentist-clean every day, i can never go back.
2. i always have to sleep with a small pillow in my arms. childish? maybe. comfy? yes.
3. i'm just a little ocd about skittles. they have to be eaten by color: yellow, orange, purple, then alternating green and red.
4. one thing that will never cease to scare me every time: opening a can of biscuits/cinnamon rolls/anything pillsbury. no matter how much i mentally prepare myself, i jump each time.
5. i have never had a big mac.
6. the act of filing my nails gives my the heebie jeebies.
7. i have the uncanny ability of remembering birthdays. once you tell me, it's there, forever.
8. when i tell stories, or if i get really excited, expect some sound effects. i am definitely a sound effects kind of girl.
9. i'm more likely to fall up the stairs rather than down. 
10. i'm probably the best orange/clementine peeler you will ever meet. i'm not sure what it is, but somehow i can always just stick my fingers in the right place, then bam! perfectly peeled citrusy goodness.

i would seriously give my left arm to see fleet foxes in concert. they are my favorite.

April 6, 2011

kelsey: to happiness

here's kelsey. she's kinda one of my best friends. i met her in fall semester and became besties super fast. we have similar personalities and sense of humor, and we are constantly laughing at each other. this summer, we get to go to the UK and study abroad together! then, in the fall, we are going to be roommates. could it get any better?

i thought it was about time to have kelsey give me her list of things that make her oh-so happy. or rather, she asked why i haven't featured her in my happy posts yet. so here you go kels, thanks for giving me 15 things, too.

kelsey: to hapiness

1. DC (diet coke)
2. small animals (i.e. petite lap giraffe)
3. new notebooks with cute covers
4. painted toenails
5. teaching 3 year olds ballet
6. pink tights
7. flowy skirts that you spin in
8. letters from NC
9. when people say my hair looks longer (hint, hint)
11. rainy weather
12. when my sister texts me random movie quotes
13. temple tuesdays
14. reading (when it's not for school)
15. the smell of spring

thanks kels. you are definitely the best. i have a feeling we'll be besties until we die. i can see us now, 80 years old and in our rockers, complaining about our recent hip replacements or bragging about our grandkids. yup, friends forever.

gosh, i absolutely love this song. 

April 5, 2011

courtney: to happiness

so i stole from your fbook, sue me.

meet courtney. can you say wowza? i met courtney a few months ago, and i absolutely adore her. she is hilarious, fun, and oh so kind. i asked courtney to give me a list of 10 things that make her oh-so happy. here it is:

courtney: to happiness
It’s the Simple things really.

1. A dark room, midnight, my favorite music and introspection
2. Farmer’s Markets 
3. Sending a letter that I’ve taken the time to write.
3.5 The edges and corners of casseroles.
4. Wasting hours in Barnes & Noble… and walking out with nothing except ideas
5. When my mom plays with my hair. Yes rare. Yes happy.
6. Swimming at night
7. Unwrapped tiny Reeses. New. Solid. Dangerous.
8. A long conversation with a good friend- never take good memories for granted. 
9. The way He looks at you across a crowded room
10. People Watching- people have a lot to offer in their ‘just being’ moments. 

unfortunately and fortunately i have a million more of these. shared and unshared. life is full of happiness. let us take the time to notice.

adore. i can't wait to see more of this lady. 

April 4, 2011

monday moments!

it's that time again! i hope you are enjoying this as much as i am.


  • slow walkers. i am generally a fast walker, so when i get stuck behind someone going 0 miles an hour, i secretly want to punch them in the head.
  • today in class, i was sitting in front of a boy who was very rudely sucking up is snot every 5 minutes. i'm not talking the occasional sniffle. i'm talking throaty, chunky, sniffing, where you can practically hear how much stuff is going up there. ick.
  • calling patients to reschedule missed appointments...only to find out they have died. "me: hello, this is cydnee from central utah clinic, is _______ available? them: um, no she isn't. what do you need? me: oh i just saw she missed her appointment in march and was wondering if she would like to reschedule. them: ______ died last week. me: uhhh oh, i'm so sorry. i wish we would have known, have a good day, bye!" there really is no good way to handle this situation.
  • roommate drama. ugh.


  • general conference weekend! it's so wonderful hearing from our prophet and apostles. it is especially comforting to hear their counsel after tragedies like the one in japan (watch it here).
  • getting packages in the mail. i've been pretty enthusiastic about online shopping lately, and even though i know it's coming, it's still exciting to see a box with my name on it by the door. 
  • i watched 127 hours this weekend. can you say intense? it was an excellent movie. 
  • taylor and i played tennis on saturday and it was soooo warm. too bad it looked like christmas morning the next day. 

dear snow, GO AWAY! it is april, and i just took my winter clothes home. so please stop. 
dear spring, where are you? i absolutely cannot wait until you are here, so come quickly. 

Losin Yo Head might sound like a rappers song, but believe me, it is not.