April 18, 2011

monday moments

i really want this to happen to me

forgive the short-ness of this post. i've been cooped up studying for finals, which put a slight damper on me witnessing some awkwards and aweseomes.


  • spending 6 hours studying for physiology in the library during the most beautiful day we've had so far in provo. boo
  • during that said study session, when i would take a visual break and look around, i kept making the most awkward eye contact with a boy directly in front of me, two tables away. it probably happened 23 times, no joke
  • calling someone and realizing you have to sneeze, so you pray it won't come, or that you'll be finished before they answer.


  • two down, two to go
  • my hardest final, physiology, is now over (cue hallelujah chorus)
  • countdown to europe: 64 days. woo!
  • i really want to cuddle a nice lion. just have it give me a big ol' lion hug (like above). doesn't it look so snuggly??

to those of you taking finals: good luck. to those of you still in school for another month: ha-ha!

zebra- beach house

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