April 21, 2011

cloud nine

this is where i am right now guys. and it feels so good.

after one long week full of google docs, study guides, and texts books, i walked back home from campus this morning wanting to jump for joy. this semester is over! woo! (at least until wednesday, then it all starts back up again)

now that it's over, i'm going to actually read a real book, not one that is required for school. i'm thinking either the alchemist, or the kite runner.  what are your suggestions?

one sad thing is that i had to say goodbye to these lovely ladies:

aw, it makes me wanna cry. taylor is off to london study abroad in 5 days, kristen is going back to home to work, and paige is going back to arizona until she goes to london in june (i will totally see her there). i will miss them all terribly. 

goodbye winter semester! i will not miss you!

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