May 30, 2011

monday moments!


  • making eye contact with a guy who had his finger mid-knuckle up his nose.
  • women with bouffant hair and perfume so strong you can taste it.
  • ashley from the bachelorette thinking she's so good at dancing. and the fact that i'm hooked again on this show. can't. stop. watching (ps what's with the mask man?!).
  • while waiting at the airport, we saw a couple reuniting, in a makey-outey way. very intimately. as in, i was expecting him to lead her off to some secret bedroom off baggage claim. again, could. not. stop. watching.


  • getting yummy red velvet cake pops from kelsey. sooo good.
  • i am officially over halfway done with spring term. yesss.
  • europe. 22 days. oooh my gosh. SO CLOSE! SO EXCITED!

day 3 of the song challenge is a song that makes you happy. here's the thing. music makes me happy. how can i pick just one!? but i have to. so, i've chosen winter winds by mumford and sons. every time it comes up on my shuffle, it lifts my mood. even the music video is pretty awesome. 

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