May 16, 2011

aaanndd i'm back

short trip huh? gosh, florida was so dang warm. 90 degrees and humid. disney world was great, as always.  on saturday, we went to universal studios. you know what that means. i went to harry potter world. yes, that's right. it was amazing, i tell you.

i when i saw hogwarts, i about melted. then i wondered what's taking them so long to send me my letter (it's nine years late, i mean come on).

insights from this adventure:

1. four-wheeled 360 degree suitcases are a lot of fun
2. heat and humidity = bad hair. just roll with it ladies. don't try hard to look cute
3. chacos are normally my go-to i'm-going-to-be-walking-all-day shoes. but i hadn't broken them in for summer yet. tender winter feet + chacos + a lot of walking = ouch (no blisters, just sensitive feet)
4. leave your undershirts at home. i repeat: leave your undershirts at home
5.  frozen butterbeer is better than non frozen
6. you will want to love harry potter: forbidden journey. but it will make you nauseous. this will be you: this is so cool... i'm gonna barf... wow this is so different... uggg... look it's harry!... please stop rocking back and forth like that 
7. back to harry potter: the forbidden journey, you will love your time in line. talking portraits, defense against the dark arts room, the portrait of the fat lady, dumbledore's office. do yourself a favor, head into the castle where everyone is in line, and ask to go on the castle tour. you basically get to walk through the line and see all the cool things, and leave not feeling like you want to vomit
8. disney has perfected the churro. eat at least 2 per day
9. water misters will be the best thing to happen to you all day
10. people watching is the best at theme parks.
11. do not put your passes/fast passes in your front shirt pocket. we had the unfortunate experience of watching them all fly out on a roller coaster
12. toms are not good shoes for pouring rain
13. birds have no fear in theme parks. one might randomly zoom past your face and clip your forehead. yes, that happened to me
14. you will get rammed/bumped/run over, by at least 3 strollers per day
15. aerosmith's rock'n roller coaster will rattle your brains, but it is seriously the best
16. in 90% of the roller coaster pictures, i am either making the woo-hoo face, with hands in the air, or laughing my head off
17. the incredible hulk is the best ride at universal studios. tears will fleck off your face, part from speed, part from pure awesomeness
18. the express pass at US is worth your money. promise. pass up the 60 minute waits and walk straight to the front. nothing better
19. after you've been out in the pouring rain, and go into a nice restaurant dripping wet and cold, some waiters will be nice and fashion a shawl out of a tablecloth to keep you warm
20. you will sleep like a baby after theme-parkin' it all day long.
21. no matter how long the wait is, do the olivander's wand shop little show. sooo worth it
22. going to hp world made me realize i'm a big nerd. and i'm ok with it.

take a little look-see at some pictures from this trip:

frozen butterbeer. just the best

 see the rain jacket? yeah i hated carrying it around all day until....

this happened. downpour.

durmstrang and beauxbaton crew


inside olivander's

talking and moving portraits. sooo lifelike

got my chocolate frog, don't you even worry

me and the hogwarts express conductor. suddenly i have ariel hair.


incredible hulk. BEST ride in the park. promise.

only picture i took in disney world. now you all know where my loyalties lie

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  1. GREAT pictures, sis!!! Congrats on making me re-live the Harry Potter ride!!!! i.e. dizziness and nausea! BUT the wand shop, the candy shop, the CASTLE...all so very much worth it!!