May 22, 2011

confession session: may

1. i snort when i laugh sometimes [most times]. and it always surprises me, so i laugh harder
2. my most commonly used phrases: here's the thing, ok listen, nbd or anything, and seriously?
3. i love crinkly-eyed smiles, they make my heart melt
4. how do you know if i consider you a true friend? i'll stick my feet under your bum when i'm cold
5. i get really ornery when i'm hungry. unfortunately, people often notice i need food before i do
6. i've been told my celebrity look alike is julia roberts. umm, what?
7. having someone play with my hair will instantly make me relax
8. i am a pro back cracker
9. i think it's funny when people say 'i'm engaged to be married'. ok, what else would you be engaged in?
10. i don't like drinking the milk left over after a bowl of cereal

countdown great britain: 29 days. omigosh.

ok, now for an awesome summer song by foster the people. makes you wanna shake it, doesn't it?

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad that there's someone else in the world that won't drink left over cereal milk. GROSS