May 9, 2011

monday moments

in honor of mustache may
oh monday. here you are again.


  • scooching past several people to get to an open seat in class. sorry i knocked your notebook off your little desk. excuse my backside in your face. sorry i stepped on your foot. 
  • having a boy open the door from behind me.  i spot a hand moving in my peripheral, then it's on the door in front of me, opening it,  causing me to dodge out of the way from getting hit by said door, and i'm thinking boy, you are incredibly close to me. BACK AWAY NOW. 
  • the fact that i can never wear bangles, because they fall right off my hand when i put my arm down. sad story, huh?


  • the other day, i saw a red limo convertible. yes you read that right. there were about 7 kids just chillin in the back and waving. nice.
  • oh hey, the lakers are out of the playoffs. wait they were swept out of the playoffs. can i get a woohoo?
  • my bed at home. holy comfy. 
  • while singing redeemer of israel in class today, everyone was perfectly harmonized with each other. and with a hymn like that, who wouldn't get a little teary eyed?
  • MUSTACHE MAY!!! grow one if you can, buy one if you can't.

countdown florida: 3 days. countdown great britain: 43 days

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