June 25, 2012


¿Qué tal?

How's it going, you crazy party animals?? Well, transfers came in on Saturday... and..............................

-I'm staying in Pringles. WITH Hermana Israelsen. Three transfers together! Obviously there's more work for the two of us to do in Pringles. The sad thing is that Hermana Linco left us :( She's off to Mar Del Plata, the last area of Hna Israelsen! She'll be working in a REAL LIVE WARD! It was SO sad to see her go. She is my Chilean sister and I grew to love her SO dearly. I guess I'll just have to travel to Chile one day. So, we're now in a trio while we wait for the hija (companion) of Hermana Leguizamon to get here. We have to sleep in the same room and all, so it´s like a little party. Except not really because I pass out EVERY NIGHT right as my head hits the pillow. I swear, if you gave me a pillow, I could fall asleep on the sidewalk. SO TIRED BUT SO HAPPY.

- We went to district meeting in Bahía on Tuesday and GUESS WHO I SAW! Elder Kelly!! It was as good as seeing family! I did this excited little dance when I saw him because I couldn´t hug him. I miss my MTC district so much! He´s got 2 herneated discs and is in a lot of pain. So pray for him. 

- We sacked 2 HUGE bottles of booze this week at the Familia Varela's house. Two sister missionaries... walking down central with giant bottles of beer. I hope you're all laughing at this mental picture. Anyway, we are trying to reactivate this family, especially the dad, so he can baptize Rocío, his daughter. I LOVE HER! She always squeezes us so tight! The dad is dragging his feet, and it's a little frustrating, but they really have SO MUCH POTENTIAL!

- SEMINARY IS THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO PRINGLES! We had 14 youth come on Saturday, including Belen and Jorge. OUR YOUTH ARE DE DIEZ! I love them so much. Sometimes I want to whop them during our lessons because they're all talking, BUT they are really helping their families! They sang ¨Hope of Israel¨ to Hna Linco on Sunday and I just cried and cried! I love these kids so much, and I see them as future missionaries and raising their families in the gospel. I'll have to send a pic soon!
- I am just amazed at how much trust the Lord has in His missionaries. Here we are, 19-20-something year old KIDS, preaching the gospel, teaching lessons, handling the salvation of His children, and baptizing people! What confidence! I feel very privileged to be apart of this work here in the Bahía Blanca mission, where every day I get to remind my brothers and sisters in Pringles of the true plan of happiness!

-Shoutouts! TAY KRIS AND PAIGE, My mom sent me your creeper picture and I almost died laughing. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! KRIS YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEK!!! I can't believe it! AHHHH! MARGIE in TEXAS! I hear you've been reading my emails... lots of love to your family! HADDY MAE! You are a married woman! The Elders brought me your invitation THE DAY OF YOUR WEDDING! Talk about tender mercy. Definitely cried! I LOVE YOU. Tyler and Ashely! Thanks for the email!! I have a letter on the way to you. ANNA DUNN!! I love you and thanks for emailing me. I CANT WAIT TO SEE PICS OF BABY GIRL DUNN! BESITOS to you and Dave! Serna Family in Virginia! THANK YOU for the letters and pictures! I loved them, and I LOVE YOU! Tio Hector y Tia Alice! Thank you for your email! I love ya! Fernuik family! Thank you for writing and the update! Love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO my awesome cousin Trevor... can't wait to see you next year bud. AND TO MY AWESOME PARENTS! EVERYONE: you better give them lot's of birthday love from me on the 28th and 30th!!  ANNND MICHAEL JANE MELENDEZ! Happy Birthday cutie pie! LOVE YOU!

Wow, so much love! Thank you all for praying for me and sharing this adventure with me. It's not easy, but it is the happiest I have ever been in my life. I feel myself getting closer and closer to becoming the kind of woman, future mother, friend, daughter, neighbor and disciple of Christ that I want to be. Granted, I have a long way to go, but this mission is the best thing to help me change and grow. I love it so much and if it wasn't for all the AMAZING people in my life, I'd never come home. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Hermana Squire


I got the brown sugar! We made cookies for a NDH *(Family Home Evening)* and EVERYONE LOVED THEM. Got the kids CTR rings. Wearing one now. :-) THANKS FOR THE PICS! LOVED THEM! HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!! I hope you are happy happy happy. Because I am happy happy happy!!

June 18, 2012

Feliz Dia De Los Padres

¿Qué pasa?

Well, here we are in the last week of transfers... this one flew by. I honestly don't know if I'll be staying or going, but I'll be happy wherever the Lord wants me. I do feel a change coming on in Pringles though... someone is gonna leave! 
-Divisions were SO GREAT! Hermana Alverez is a complete nut and I love her. She is trying to learn English and her favorite phrases are "That's creepy" "PUNCH IN THE FACE", "Girl, you are CRAZY" and she said once after a lesson, "That lady needs a punch in the face.... WITH THE SPIRIT!" We seriously laughed so much together. I learned so much from her, new ways to teach and contact, and better ways to study. She is so GREAT. We were going to leave Bahía at 12:00 Tuesday afternoon, but they cancelled our collectivo. So we worked in Bahía for the afternoon. MAN, it made me so grateful for my small town of Pringles. The city is so busy. No one wants to listen, EVERYONE has STUPID intercom doorbells, and I felt like I was going to DIE riding the bus. I was happy to get back to my quiet little Pringles.

- I reeeeealllllly hate how dogs determine if we knock on a door or not. We always go "here doggy..." before we enter, or we slowly aproach if there is one... if there is ANY sign of growling... we back up saying "good boy... atta dog" then quickly flee the scene. Dumb mutts. And they really are mutts.... I've never seen so many weird looking dogs in my life.
 -Belen got confirmed yesterday! She's like, "I'm so happy, just so content. I feel great!" AHHH I LOVE HER! She's stoked about seminary, she got the conference edition and has been reading one a day with Jorge, and LOVES the Liahonas! SHE IS JUST A DREAM! We are working on getting Jorge to go on a mission. He has changed so much. Whether we are bringing sheep into the fold, or helping the lost ones come back, it is the same. I love witnessing this ´mighty change of heart´ in the people I have met.
 - For Fathers day last night, we went over to Hermano Achigar and took him a cake. He really is our dad in Pringles. Always bringing us food and fixing things in our house. We are very blessed to have him in our lives. I'm lucky to have people who are like my family here. Juanita is like my cute little grandma. The other night she said that when we come visit her, "heaven is just at the tips of her fingers." I LOVE HER!!
- We contacted a lady in the street and she told us that Christ was going to come to Argentina and not to feel jealous because Argentina was the chosen country. Try not to smile during THAT one. 
- I got my hair cut for the first time in Argentina. NOT LIKE THE STATES PEOPLE! But it has been 6 months... and it was time.  It turned out ok... but when I asked for 2 fingers worth (length wise) cut off... it really meant 4 here! Good grief. 
- I read a talk in the recent conference edition: Having the Vision to Do by Elder Haleck. He talked about how he passed by the fishermen and called to them to follow Him. Christ saw their potential and what they could become, and he acted on that. And what came of it? His apostles. Christ sees the same in us and sees our potential. Once we get that vision, we need to have the FAITH and COURAGE to ACT. The acting part is the most important. GO READ IT!
- I also read in John the other day when Christ appeared to His apostles after the resurrection while they were fishing. He asked Peter if he loved Him THREE times. When Peter answered yes, Christ responded, Feed my sheep. I put myself in the story "CYDNEE, Do you love me? FEED. MY. SHEEP." Ahh I love this story. I am here in Argentina, feeding the sheep in the fold. I want to work SO HARD to prove to my Savior that I love Him and to show my gratitude for the sacrifice He made on my behalf. This mission really is the SMALLEST TEENIEST way that I can thank Him and show my love for Him.

-SHOUTOUTS! HERMANA BROWN!!! I CAN'T WAIT TILL YOU GET HERE!!!!! AHHH! I'm seriously so excited. We need our mission nurse! I love you!! 
HUGO JR!! AH! Mí madre me dijo sobre su bautismo. Me dijo que era tan lindo. Nunca va a olvidar este día, le promeso. Qué gran y marvilloso paso en su vida, en serio. Y feliz cumpleaños esta semana! 
Also, happy birthday to my AUNTIE LORI this week, or should I say G. Lo. 
HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the dads out there! I'm so grateful for all the dads in my life... Uncle Ron, Uncle Todd, Uncle Scott, Tio Hector, Troy, my Grandpas, and the best dad of all, MY DAD! I seriously have the best dad. Do ya'll know he writes me a HAND WRITTEN letter EVERY week! How lucky am I to have a dad like him... service oriented, kind, loving, worthy priesthood holder, hard working, dedicated... thanks for everything dad. 
HADDY MAE. You are getting MARRIED this week!! AHHH! I'm so excited and will be thinking of you ALL DAY on Friday!! LOVE YOU!
Everyone! I love you all so much! My mom told me that this email gets sent to 60 plus people and I am just AMAZED and humbled. Amazed at how much you care for me and love me. Thank you all so much. I miss you all so much, but it's a good thing, because it means I've got people in my life who are AMAZING enough to miss so much it hurts my heart. Enjoy your week, and remember to look for the tender mercies... enjoy the little things, and recognize the hand of God in your life. When you start looking for His hand in your life, you will be astounded at how often you find it. Love ya!

Hermana Squire

First Baptism: Belen
Blas, myself, Hermana Israelsen, Belen & Jorge

My chewed up skirt by a dumb mutt; luckily it wasn't my flesh!

Fiama!! So cute!!!

What a DREAM convert Belen is!

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My sweet companions!
Hermanas Israelsen, Linco, Leguizamon

The "River" outside my pension (apartment). SO MUCH RAIN!!

June 11, 2012

We Be Listening to Christmas Music


Another week has flown by. Two weeks left in this transfer, WHAT! Time is so weird on the mission, last Monday feels like 100 years ago, but then it feels like I was just in the MTC yesterday. It's blowing my mind. Seriously. How's it going? No school? BBQs? Sunshine? Short sleeves? Lucky dogs. 
-So, don't judge me.... because we're listening to Christmas music. Yes, I know it's June. But it feels like November outside. So  SORRY if I wanna bring a little CHRISTMAS CHEER into my cold little life as I sit studying in our little house in my sweats, thermals and scarf. Seriously. You summer people can't judge me right now.

- Speaking of cold... IT WAS FREEZING earlier this week. Wednesday was a nightmare. I think my ears almost fell off. My skirt was blowing EVERYWHERE! It was no respecter of persons. Good thing my coat covers things up, or Pringles would have gotten quite the show. But, it was cold in more ways than the weather. It seems everywhere we went, everywhere we knocked, people were very cold hearted. There was so much rejection that day. We had numerous doors slammed in our faces, we got cussed out (not that I know any Spanish cuss words....mom) and we didn't have any success. It was discouraging, but also a learning moment for me. I thought of Christ a lot that day, and how He faced rejection His whole life. While I got yelled at and had doors slammed, He was beat, spit upon and hung on a cross. I felt a lot of comfort from my Savior that day. As if He was right beside me saying "It´s all right, keep going, keep walking. You can do it". It was a disappointing day. But I'm glad for days like these. I'm glad the mission is hard. It really is one of the toughest things I've done in my life. But these tough days make the great days EXTRA great.

- We've been teaching a friend of Hermano Achigar- Amanda. She's come to church the past two weeks. She has a LOT of medical problems, depression, etc. She is really searching for the truth, but really wants to have a strong FEELING before she gets baptized. Please pray for her to receive her answer. She really is amazing. 

- Hermano Achigar is a sweet angel. Our sink was leaking so bad earlier this week and he came with a NEW PIPE and fixed it. Then he came back a few days later with a NEW MIRROR! Why did he bring a new mirror, you ask? Oh, because I broke the old one. Twice. Whoops. This man has a Bill Gates mansion waiting for him in heaven.

- We had an activity with the jóvenes on Saturday... we made EMPANADAS! So fun. WE had a great turn out of youth come... and presidente told us that this month they will be starting up SEMINARY! Woo! This is REALLY going to help get more youth in the church. I'm stoked.

- Tomorrow we'll be doing divisions. I will go with Hermana Israelsen to Bahia, and come back with a new companion for 3 days. Hermana Alvarez will be my comp until Thursday. Usually the Jr. comp goes and stays in another area, but I'm staying in Pringles! I'll be with a Latina companion (she's from El Salvador)! Running Pringles B! Oh good glory. Little nervous!

- Well, I had my first fall as a missionary. We were booking it home because we were late. I jumped up on the curb, but didn't jump high enough and landed right on my knee, my esposo (little box I carry around) went flying, folletos and papers EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did I say when it happened? "YOUVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!!". Haha, I'm probably known as the crazy American who shouts weird things in English. (Remember the pigeon story??) ANYWAY. I've got a bruise the size of Texas on my knee now. 

- Zone conference was great. This was probably the last time we would ever see Presidente and Hermana Detlefsen. It was kinda sad. But I learned so much in conference and got really pumped up to work hard. 

- I've been reading a lot about the sacrament this week. We really need to prepare ourselves to take the sacrament, mentally and spiritually. Leave all worldly thoughts behind and focus on the atonement. Focus on the past week and what we need to change and how we can do better. Repent. Resolve to be better in the week to come. Before, I always let my mind wander during the sacrament... but now, it's my sacred time with the Lord, where we talk and decide how I can be a better person and missionary. I will never take this sacred time of the sacrament for granted again!

Shoutouts: MY BEST FRIEND CORBIN IS HOME FROM HIS MISSION!!!!! Haddy, Rachelle, I know he didn't want you to touch him the first night, but you go give him the BIGGEST TIGHTEST SQUEEZE from me!!!!!!! Seriously... almost pop his head off!!!! I miss that kid SO DANG MUCH!!!!! I wanted to cry when I saw the picture of him. 
HUGO JR!!! Felicitaciones por su BAUTISMO!! Estoy TAN Feliz! AHHHH! Estoy animada tambien!! Hay una carta en camino para ustedes. 
Congratulations to ASHTON! Woo! Hope the wedding went well!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELYZABETH HIATT AND JULIE SERNA!! Grandma and Grandpa Squire: Thank you for the letter! Love you! I miss every single one of you so much. My heart aches to see you sometimes, but I'm very happy and feel at home in Argentina. Have an amazing week everyone. 

Lots of love from Argentina!
Hermana Squire

June 4, 2012



¿Cómo andan? Ah I am just so happy to be a missionary right now. I flippin love it. Every. Day. Even when I'm walking bent forward, trying not to get blown away, when I'm cold, wet, tired and sore... I still love it. BAH!!
-Estoy TAN feliz porque tuvimos un BAUTISMO ayer! **(I'm so happy because we had a baptism yesterday!)** Yup! Belén quit smoking (same with Jorge) and was baptized yesterday and IT. WAS. AMAZING. She looked so pretty in white and was so nervous before. But everything went well and she is super happy now. She'll get confirmed this Sunday. Sad thing is that no one from her family came. Only Jorge and his dad. Jorge was super happy. The Elders came to Pringles on Friday so she could have her interview. She, of course, passed with flying colors. Jorge started asking Elder Christensen about MISSIONS. OH MY GOSH. How great would that be??!!! They BOTH would be amazing missionaries. I have no doubts about Belén at all. She quit smoking in a week and a half, reads her scriptures and participates in the classes so much. I LOVE HER!!! Seeing the joy on someone's face as they come out of the waters of baptism, cleansed from all their sins,  is something I will always remember. Amazing.
- My Spanish is definitely improving. I've been getting comments from the members that I'm speaking better and THAT truly is a compliment! Argentines are pretty blunt and honest, so they won't lie! I'm really working hard with my Spanish and I have truly been blessed because I am learning so quickly!
-We had another asada on Friday. OH MY. I am convinced we will be dining Argentine style en los cielos.**(in the heavens)** Only bad thing was that the man of the house was like, "don't be shy hermana, eat all you want." I DID EAT ALL I WANT. But then he kept putting more on my plate. "Don't be shy, don't you like it?" Have you ever prayed to be able to have the strength to keep eating? I almost DIED!
- We will be having a zone conference this Friday in Bahía with interviews with Presidente. This is his LAST transfer before our new president comes in! Sad, but I'm sure our new president will be amazing.
- I just found out that Dr. Mike was in the branch presidency at MTC of Hna Israelsen's branch! Small world!
- EVERYONE! GO read "Finding Joy in Life" by Elder Richard Scott. It will change your life. " When you trust in the Lord , when you are willing to let your heart and your mind be centered in His will, when you ask to be led by the spirit to do His will, you are assured of the greatest happiness along the way and the most fulfilling attainmet from this mortal experience". GO READ IT!
- SHOUTOUTS! I got so much letter love this week! THANK YOU! VENICE! I love your guts. I'll write you next week. Taylor- LOVED the graduation pics. WHERE IS DEV GOING ON HIS MISSION! I need to start sending your letters to CA now, right? KRIS- YOU ARE A DANG BABE in your engagements! I loved it and I LOVED your letter! PAIGE! I keep forgetting to congratulate you on your 1/2 marathon. YOU GO GIRL. And i loved your letter and pics. Almost wet my pants with the wrestling pic and your birthday drawings. I got another GREAT letter from the Serna crew in Virginia! I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for the drawings and notes!! Everyone!! Thank you for all your prayers! I feel them every day! I am so spiritually uplifted EVERYDAY thanks to your prayers. 

Hermana Squire

Hermana Cydnee Squire
Argentina Bahia Blanca Mission
1755 Chacabuco
8000 Bahia Blanca
Buenos Aires