May 28, 2012

Sad News.....


¿Cómo andan? I hope you're all enjoying the summer weather, because it is wet and chilly here in Pringles! Winter is definitely on the way... I'm not super excited about it. haha.
-Well, I've got some pretty sad news. Julieta wasn't baptized. We went over to Enrique's house and started prepping Julieta for baptism. She was pretty excited until Enrique said "So I'm baptizing her right?" NO, YOU AREN'T DOING ANYTHING TO CHANGE, MR. SMARTIE! We told him no, but he could still participate and all, but he got SO MAD. He was like, "I'm not going to support you in this, I won't come. This was special for me to do this for you because I love you," BLAH BLAH. Well, Enrique, you obviously don't love her enough to let HER achieve ETERNAL SALVATION, and YOU only want to do this for yourself. It was SO FRUSTRATING. I wanted to beat him with my umbrella, but then the news headline "Sister missionary gets sent home for mauling an 18 year old with her umbrella" flashed through my mind and I refrained. He was being so rude, I could hardly stand it. Julieta talked to us outside and said, I still want to get baptized. I want the Holy Ghost. But can we give him another chance to change? If he doesn't by the end of June, I will get baptized, sí or no? So we changed the date. THEN the next day we got a text from Julieta and it said she didn't ever want to get baptized, she wasn't going to come back to church, and to stop coming by Enrique's house. WHAT!! That was a 180 in a matter of 12 hours! We've tried calling, stopping by, we've fasted, but we can't find her. We want to know what happened and talk face to face. I am 100% sure that it has EVERYTHING to do with Enrique. So please pray for Julieta.
- Belén. I LOVE THIS GIRL. She is quitting smoking and her fecha is this Sunday. Her boyfriend, Jorge, is changing too. He's quitting smoking with her and he has more light in his face. He participates more in the lessons with us and comes to church activities. So, Belén will get baptized this Sunday, if she can completely quit smoking. She's already progressed so much with that, in a matter of one week. Capa. The other day she was praying and said "Thank you for sending me these girls. I love the presence they bring into my house". BAH! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
- We had an activity for Independence Day on 25 de Mayo. We had such a good turn out! We ate locro, a traditional Argentine dish that they ate like 100 years ago. It was...... yeah. Ok. Not my favorite. Some members did some traditional dancing and read some poems from Argentine poets. It was such a fun day.
- We had a St. Bernard follow us the other day, for almost 20 blocks! HE WAS HUGE! His head was like the size of a watermelon. We called him Vincent. Imagine two sister missionaries at your door with a St Bernard."Are you SURE you don't want to listen to our message?" (Cue the St. Bernard to growl). Later, his owner found him, relieved that he had been following us, and PUT HIM IN THE TRUNK OF A CIVIC! THE TRUNK!! Pobre.
- We found the granddaughter of a converso in the ward, Anabela. Her daughter was outside while we were contacting a reference, and she kept inching closer and closer. Finally she was like, what are your names? We talked to her for a bit then Anabela came out and let us in. We taught her lesson one and how to pray and asked her to say the last prayer. She did it, then we asked how she felt. She said " I don't know, I feel emotional, and I don't get emotional. I feel something here in my chest. I've never felt this before". Wow, right? Definitely one of the coolest experiences so far on the mission. We have high hopes for her. Please pray for her that she can find work. She's in a tough time right now.
- I read a great quote about keeping the Sabbath day holy. It really made me think. "Our observance of the Sabbath is an unnerving measure of our attitude toward the Lord personally and toward His suffering in Gethsemane, His death on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead. It is a sign of whether we are Christians in every deed, or whether our conversion is so shallow that commemoration of His atoning sacrifice means little or nothing to us." - Elder Mark E. Peterson. WOW, right?
-Shoutouts: Tyler and Ashley, I LOVED the pic of Lucas in the BYU shirt! SO CUTE!! Happy Birthday to NATALIE GRANT! Woo! Love you! And happy birthday to Kelsey yesterday, hope it was great. I got the BEST LETTER with pictures last week from the Serna crew! Thank you and I LOVE YOU JOSHUA, LEAH, MATTHEW, REBECCA! And of course Robert and Julie :). SOMEONE GO TELL RYAN DEGROOT I AM SO DANG PROUD OF HIM!! WOO MISSION! Everyone! I love you all! Read your scriptures! Pray every day! Pray with your family! Go to church! Do the little things! So simple, but so vital. 

Está obra es la obra del Señor! El sufrió por TODOS. No solamente por nuestros pecados, pero por nuestros dolores, affliciones, TODO. Cada día, le doy gracias a Dios por el sacrificio de su Hijo. Estoy tan agradacida que estoy sirviendo aca en Pringles.  LES QUIERO! 
Translation****(This work is the work of the Lord. He suffered for everyone. Not just for our sins, but for our pains, afflictions, EVERYTHING. Each day, I give thanks to God for the sacrifice of His Son. I am so grateful that I am serving over here in Pringles. I love you!)****

Hermana Squire (or Hermana Alta... (hermana tall) it´s a new one. And people spell my name SCUAIR so they say it right when I have to give a talk in sacrament)

Rocio, our cutie pie

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