October 29, 2012

Whoa!!! We're HALFWAY There!! WHOAAAAA!!!

Livin' on a prayer!!! Actually MANY prayers.... This week I hit my halfway mark. And that's all I'll say about that. 


How's it going? Hear you got your first snow! Poor things. HAH! Not!!! I don't reel sorry for you, cuz I was cold for a year!!! WOO summer time is a comin' ! I may melt. 

-So I am typing on the most ancient computer EVER. I think it might actually be wheezing. Hold on bessie, we got an hour to go....:-)

- I'm super jealous that BYU basketball has started. OH MY GOSH DO I LOVE MY COUGARS!!!!!

-SO WE MOVED! We now have a house! We are living about 3 blocks from our area, and the house is like a dang mansion compared to the cracker box! I don't have pics because the house is a disaster. All we have are our beds, our things, 2 chairs, a fridge, a blender, and a few random utensils. I ate breakfast on the floor this morning, thank you. But the hermanas from Villa Floresta are staying with us temporarily... Hermanas McWhorter and Marin. From Arkansas and Chile. So we're not all by ourselves. We have a BIG room, with no closet or anything so we're STILL living out of our suitcases, huge kitchen, pretty backyard, and a big bathroom. There's not a lot of hot water for the shower though... oh my Argentina. I'll miss Hermana Vawdrey, but it's nice to have some space. 

- Today I saw a girl walking down the sidewalk and juggling. Quite amusing. Random, I know.

- Remember Natalia? She came to General Conference. Well, we had an activity in the stake center and she and her 3 kids WALKED 28 blocks to get there! It was various plays put on by the youth of each ward, and they LOVED it! Then Natalia came to church! She doesn't have a fecha(date) because she needs to get married. She already talked to her pareja(partner) and he didn't say anything back... ahhh! So pray for her!

- We found an amazing woman this week, Gabriela. She's a young mother who is getting MARRIED THIS THURSDAY!  I almost peed my pants with excitement because NO ONE GETS MARRIED HERE! They say it's better to try it out first and live together for a few years. The worst part is that in Argentina if you're together with someone for over a year you get the same privileges as married couples. I am amazed and saddened at the hold that Satan has on people. Anyway. So we taught her the first lesson and when we explained baptism and how we don't baptize babies, she said  "I knew I made a mistake after we baptized my (one year old) son". You better believe I about had to pick myself up off the floor. AMAZING! She asked us when our reuniones(meetings) were and we told her. She accepted a fecha(date) and everything. THEN GUESS WHAT HAPPENED THAT MADE ME WANT TO PUNCH SATAN IN THE FACE??!!!! She started working on SUNDAYS. Flip!!! I swear, every time we find someone golden, problems come up. We have a lesson with her tonight, so we're going to explain BIEN CLARO(real clearly) the importance of church. Pray for us. LIke right now. I have faith that she can become converted, and then change her work schedule. 

 - So last week the office elders decided to play a joke on me and tell me that all my packages and letters got sent to another city in the mission. I flipped out a little, and the next day they told me it was a joke.  So I withheld cookie privileges. THEN this week, I get a package, supposedly from my dad, and I open it and it has cookies and this funny card in it. (see pic) One of the Elders said "If there's one thing I have learned in the mission: it's not to mess with Hermanas that bake cookies". Needless to say, they were forgiven. 
And Elder Costanzi's bday was on Friday, and you better believe cookies were delivered.:-)
I think the Elders learned their lesson!! 

- I´ve been reading in the Book of Mormon (IN SPANISH, thank you) and I just finished the part in Alma about the 2000 stripling warriors. I love this part in Chapter 56
V.44 Therefore what say ye, my sons, will ye go against them to battle? 45 And now I say unto you, my beloved brother Moroni, that never had I seen aso greatbcourage, nay, not amongst all the Nephites. 46 For as I had ever called them my sons (for they were all of them very young) even so they said unto me: Father, behold our God is with us, and he will anot suffer that we should fall; then let us go forth; we would not slay our brethren if they would let us alone; therefore let us go, lest they should overpower the army of Antipus. 47 Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; and they did think more upon the aliberty of theirbfathers than they did upon their lives; yea, they had been taught by their cmothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them. 48 And they rehearsed unto me the words of their amothers, saying: We bdo not doubt our mothers knew it." 
I know that as I continue this battle here in Argentina, a battle against Satan to help others gain eternal salvation, my Savior will not let me fall. I will put my trust in Him forever. When I am a mother, I want to teach my kids in a way that keeps them on the straight and narrow path, and hopefully they will say, "We do not doubt that our mother knew it".  That if we do not doubt, God will deliver us.
--Shoutouts: DAVE! Thanks for the email! Evelyn is just a DOLL! 
EVERYONE ON THE EAST COAST! Please be careful. I will pray for you!! 
Hey peeps. I love you all. I hope you all have a great and safe week. I love you and pray for you often. I miss you a BUNCH. But that´s ok, cuz you're all people worth missing. LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Squire

Yes, dad I´m getting your emails, thanks!
Love ya parents!

October 22, 2012

The Marathon of the Lord

Hey people!

Well, it's another rainy day here in Bahia. I swear, it ALWAYS rains on pday. BOO! But I got to take a nap for a WHOLE HOUR. Oh my. It was heaven. And this week we will end the transfer! What the!? I can't believe it's already over. Time is flying. 

- So yesterday was Mother's Day here in Argentina. We handmade cards for the hermanas in the ward complete with glitter (UNICORNS AND GLITTER!!!) and they LOVED it! We didn't get into anyone's house... "Chicas tengo gente...."(**girls, I have people here) so we delivered our cards to menos activos(**less actives) and other hermanas in the ward. Sweet Hermana Cortez would have spent the day alone since her kids live in Buenos Aires and Spain, so we dropped by to see her too. It was a great day. I loved it. 

- Saturday we had a great ward activity. We ate empanadas and chorizos and played games. There wasn't much I could do in a skirt, but I DID win the Potato On a Spoon Race against the hermanas in the ward. We couldn't run, but I definitely am the tallest of all the women, so I smoked everyone!!!!!  One of our menos activos came, Miriam, and brought her daughter-in-law, Florencia. We tried teaching her before, but she was like "no, I want to stay in my church." But now she's interested! She wants to change some things in her life, so we are super excited to work with her! It was such a fun way for everyone to just chill out and get to know each other better. We definitely need to have more activities to unite the ward more!!
- SO. Earlier this week, it was really warm. Like WAY warm. Like time to ditch the tights warm. So for 3 days I did... It felt SO WEIRD! First time in almost 9 months that I haven't worn tights. My legs are SO WHITE!  Who needs street lamps at night??!!  My legs will light the way home!!!!! Haha, in time I'll be a little morochita. (***tan country girl)  It's already been pretty warm, and all the Elders are dreading summer. We'll see!

- We passed by a members house this week and their little boy was outside. He's six, but has a growing disorder so he looks like he's 3 or 4 with the tiniest bones. He's so cute and I just want to squeeze him! So anyway, we waved to him and later his mom told us that he said "Las Elderas passed by and they waved to me! They saw me!" It was so cute. It's so hilarious when people call us "Las Elderas" or "Las Elderes". I'm always like, ohhhhhkay, we're hermanas... but whatever. It's a little endearing.

- HOPEFULLY we'll be moving to a new house this week. They called us last Monday and told us we'd be moving on Tuesday, so we packed EVERYTHING, but the next day they said that they were fixing up the house! NOOOO!!!!!! So EVERYTHING is all packed in space bags and I have TWO skirts that I've been wearing. Fun times. I'm sure going to miss my Vawdrey. :-(

- So, I read my weekly pday letter from Aunt Lori last week, and she shared two excerpts from Dave and Greg's emails from when they were serving. I LOVED what you two said, it really has helped me. They compared the mission to a marathon, and the longer I serve, the more I realize it really is like a race... an 18 month race. This is what Dave said, (direct quote because I cannot do it justice by summarizing) "Now is my time to RUN full out. When a runner finishes a race, how much should he have left? The answer is NOTHING. If it is anything else, he didn't run the race right. I want to run the race correctly by expending myself fully so as not to have any regrets or wonder what might have been. And oh yes, I will finish despite how tired I may have been throughout the 2 year marathon-- and as I hit the crimson tape, both my index fingers will be extended to the sky. But not to glory in my own achievements, but more in the attitude of praising my Heavenly Father for sustaining me when the track got rough. I'm not an idiot--I know it is going to be difficult. But I also know of the promise made by my older brother Jesus when He said, 'I never said it would be easy, I only said it could be worth it'. Yes, I will stumble and probably even fall flat on my face just at about the point I reach maximum speed... so what? At this point the Savior will come and put me on my feet, brush me off, clean up my cuts and help get me started again. He'll whisper words of sympathy in my ear saying, 'Kinda stings, doesn't it? I know how you feel--but you must not let it slow you down. Know that I am with you the entire way and will carry you across the finish line upon my back if you require it'. I have already felt the Savior carrying me throughout this race-- I know I am accomplishing things beyond my efforts and abilities with the Lord's help. I am doing the Lord's work, and so it is in His best interest that I succeed. I have the faith that my Savior will not quit 'saving' me-- He IS my Savior, not WAS my Savior. Despite how tired, sick and weak I may become, the Lord will lift me up and I CANNOT fail in the Lord's work." Wow. I can honestly say that I have never felt so tired and worn out in my entire life. But I know that my Savior is sustaining me. He is helping me keep going, amidst the blisters, rejections, sweat, cold, and rain. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but I will endure it with the help of my Savior. It is also the most rewarding thing. We don't have a bunch of success, but when we do have success, even a small miracle, all the tough times make me appreciate it more. I'm trying to gather up my energy and run full out, run until I have nothing left, until I cross that finish line and get on that plane home, and feel the Lord accept the work that I did here in the Bahia Blanca Mission... I want to feel Him say," Well done, thou good and faithful servant, thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things, enter now into the joy of thy Lord." I want to leave the field with no regrets, leave knowing that I accomplished the work the Lord called me to do. 

Shoutouts: Cousin Heather, THANK YOU for the email and the updates on the real world!! Tio Hector, thanks for the email! Glad things are well. 
Happy birthday this week tooooo Amberly, Jonathan and Myrinda!! Hope you all have great days!! 
Kris... the last dearelder I got from you was a few weeks ago... I MISS YA. 
Hunter, WELCOME TO THE EMAIL LIST! This is where the cool people are. :-)
Okay people. I hope you all have a great week. Remember I love you.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Squire

October 15, 2012

Might Be Turning A Little Argentine!


How are  ya?? How's your October going??  Ok, so about the title of the email... I might be turning into an Argentine... I´m foot tapping to a song here in the cyber and I love it. It´s called Colgando En Tus Manos. Go look it up! Hey!! I can't do much about the songs blasting in the cyber!! So I´ll just happily foot tap through this internet "sesh", then go listen to some MoTab. Shoot, AUNT LORI, they're playing MUSE!! Satan, why must you tempt me so???

-Ok, this week we had divisions. I went to Dorrego with Hermana Ermácora, and poor Hermana Batista had to navigate her way through our area with Hermana Gaspar. Hermana Ermácora is a hoot and a half. I had such a fun time! But silly me, I thought that Spring means warm, but NO, I froze! I had to borrow sweaters from her. That house is a dang freezer. ANyway. Hna Ermácora. She´s 22 and from Rosario, a small town called Venado Tuerto (Dave?? do you know it?) which means "one eyed reindeer" in Spanish. HAH!!!!!!! Her favorite movie is Nacho Libre!!!!  She's an art student, and loves ACDC. So as you can see, we got along pretty well. We laughed a lot and worked our buns off. Dorrego reminded me of Pringles, just a little bit nicer. It was such a good experience. I hope I have the opportunity to serve with her again someday. 

- So the mosquitos are ridiculous here. I SWEAR THEY KNOW WHERE I AM! We were waiting for the bus last night and I was getting about 2 bites per minute. So I was standing there in this awkward downhill skier squat position so I could see my legs in the light, my eyes darting around to every part of my body and when one would land WAHPUH! Smack em dead!!! Then the bus came, sweet relief, right? WRONG! THEY WERE ON THE BUS! And I watched them. They would fly around the natives, then sniff me out with their freakish gringa blood seeking noses and they would FLY RIGHT AT ME! I was ticked!! Might die this summer.!! It´s getting warmer, I think it was like 80 degrees yesterday.... people are saying it gets to be about 105 WITH HUMIDITY here. I might melt!!

- Now they're playing MGMT... FOCUS CYDNEE!!! 

- Joel is doing great. He is totally baptizable. We just need to finish teaching him and help him to quit smoking and IN THE WATER HE GOES! He seriously is so great. 

- While I was on divisions, Hna Batista told me that Paula left. She will be gone for 2 months plus. I was heartbroken. Her pastor came and lectured her and now she´s confused and doesn't want to go to ANY churches. I´m way sad. Keep her in your prayers. 

- I read an AMAZING talk by Elder Wirthlin "Follow me". GO READ IT. It talked about how Peter, James, John and Andrew left their nets "straightaway" and heeded the call of the Savior to come follow Him. We must do the same. Elder Wirthlin describes the nets of today: "Nets are generally defined as devices for capturing something. In a more narrow but more important sense, we might define a net as anything that entices or prevents us from following the call of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God." We must leave the nets of the world and follow the call of the Savior and follow him. "As Jesus the Christ stood on the shores of the Sea of Galilee 2,000 years ago, so stands He today, issuing the same call He gave to those faithful fishermen and now to all who will hear His voice: “Follow me!” We have nets that must be tended and nets that must be mended. But when the Master of ocean, earth, and sky calls to us, “Follow me,” we should leave the entangling, worldly nets behind and follow His footsteps." I have left my nets of the world, my friends, the music I love, my education, family and all things that are comfortable to me. I have heeded to the call of my Master to follow Him, and feed His sheep. And I can tell you all that I do not regret it for one second. I can say to you all that I have never been happier!! So my invitation to the youth and to senior couples:  Leave your nets of the world, and come follow Him. Feed His sheep, and you will receive blessings beyond your imagination. You youth can now serve sooner!  Take advantage of this opportunity and come thrust in your sickle with all your might, because the field is white and ready to harvest. To the rest of you, I invite you to leave some of your worldly nets, and serve and love a little more. 

Shoutouts! TYLER! THANK YOU FOR THE DOUBLE EMAIL! WOOO IT´S LIKE CHRISTMAS!!! Had. I love you!! Rachelle. WRITE ME. Zander thank you for the pictures!! Cute fam! PEOPLE OF THE WORLD! I love you. Know I pray for you and that my missionary prayers count as double. SO you should be receiving lots of blessings. HEY!! Work hard, and pray harder. Have an AMAZING WEEK!!

Hermana SQUIRE


On Missionary splits
L-R: Hermana Batista, Hermana Ermacora, and Hermana Gaspar

On my way to Dorrego for the split

Her "HLJ" birthday ring: Haz Lo Justo, Choose the Right

October 8, 2012



UM OK DID EVERYONE JUST LOVE CONFERENCE AS MUCH AS I DID??!!! I love missionary superbowl!!! Ok, before I talk about conference, I need to cover some other bases that happened earlier in the semana. (**week)

- We had lunch with the Elders early this week and the member lied and said there was a woman at the house and there WASN'T. Aka, we (sisters) couldn't be there! E. Gravelle was freaking out. He was like Que haría Nefi??? (What would Nephi do?) and Elder Cruz was like Matalo. (Kill him). We all died laughing. Everything turned out just fine... we just all ate outside. Hilarious. 

- So I must say I've been seeing some miracles working in Villa Mitre 2 with Hermana Batista. She's a great missionary! Really great! She is SO VERY SENSITIVE to the Spirit. We'll leave a house and she'll be like "wow, did you feel that special feeling in that house?" And I'm like... "ummmm sure".... then I'm like "DANG IT!! Why am I not that sensitive to the Spirit?"  There is ALWAYS something I can work on. 

- On Wednesday we went to see Paula. This woman is so great. She already knows that the LDM (**Book of Mormon) is true. I'm sure she's just afraid to leave her church. We asked if she needed anything, and she said "ummm yeah, but I´m just going to ask my kids." And I just said "Hermana, we are here to SERVE you. Tell us what you need." And it turns out the woman had no food. If someone in worse condition asks HER for food, she gives what she has. She is a pure Mormon already. So we went off the the grocery store and bought her some food. As we trudged down the muddy hill (it was raining) my heart was full to the brim. I LOVE when people let us serve them. It doesn't happen very often but to see the look on her face as we pulled out bread, crackers, fideo, rice and everything, her eyes full of gratitude, my heart was truly full. Paula also read 16 chapters of the LDM!! AHHHHH. She's so ready. PRAY HARD FOR HER! She leaves for TWO MONTHS on the 21st. PRAY WE CAN GET HER IN THE WATER BEFORE THEN!!! She already has 2 asistencias.(attendances to church) One more!

- OK TIME FOR MY CONFERENCE SPEEL. First off, we had THREE investigators that came to the sessions. WOOOOOO!!! We had Natalia and her son there and at first we didn't think they could come because we passed by for the morning session and her mom had gotten there and she said "well I can go at 5 and we're like "BUENO, we´ll come back to get you!" So we did! She came with her 9 year old son who is a future investigator and her little 10 month old. They talked about families that session and she loved it! She needs to get married, but for now, we can start teaching her son. Then we had Luis, who came with Ines. He looked really content and happy to be there. Then we had Joel. A reference from the ZLs and he already had 2 asistencias to the church. Now 3. Totally BAPTIZABLE! We went to pick him up and he was in a cute corduroy suit! He's 50 years old, MARRIED, and SO SWEET! He is SO addicted to smoking, but through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! We know we can get him baptized this month! Pray for him! We are hoping to have a lesson with him and Presidente and La Hermana. 2 misioneras and THE POWERHOUSE OF THE PRESIDENT! So nice that we can do that... since they are soo close to us! It was such a miracle to have THREE investigators come to conference. I thanked my Heavenly Father for the miracles that we have been able to see here in Villa Mitre. I am very, very happy. 

- Ok so the cable wasn't working for the English missionaries, but luckily we had the office with computers so it was me, and yup, you guessed it, NINE Elders crammed by one computer watching conference. Me and all the Elders. Yup. 

-HOW BOUT THAT MISSION AGE!!!!! I was stoked! I know that I was supposed to come at 21, but HOW GREAT FOR YOU FUTURE SISTERS! MEGAN, Jake, Gavin and Hunter!!! ARE YOU SO STOKED?!!!!  Such history! And now my grandkids will by like, "yeah, my grandma was one of the last sisters to leave at 21 on her mission..."  I have no doubt we will get a stronger Army of missionaries with MORE SISTERS!!! WOO! 

- Ok SO I LOVED CONFERENCE. LOVED IT. Is it just me or does it get BETTER EVERY YEAR! I loved how President Monson asked us to take an inventory on the blessings that we have in our lives, big and small. I AM SO VERY BLESSED!! SERIOUSLY!!! Did everyone notice the theme was mentioned about 2 times that we must DO and BECOME??? LOVE THAT! I also Loved Pres. Eyring's talk, how God will NEVER hide from us. We put up spiritual pavilions that hide us from Him. I testify that He NEVER stops caring, WE are the ones that have to reach out to HIM first. He will never take away that agency. I love Pres. Eyring. My favorite, of course was Elder Holland´s. I listened to the Feed my SHeep talk in the MTC and I was SO HAPPY TO HEAR IT AGAIN. All of us missionaries in the office were like... whoa. afterwards. HE´S SO POWERFUL. Everytime I don´t want to get out of bed, or I would rather throw the covers over my head and not go out to work because sometimes it's just really hard, the thought has always crossed my mind, a little, silent "Cydnee. Do you love me?" But now it's going to be Elder Holland's voice, "CYDNEE. DO. YOU. LOVE. ME?" Yes, Lord, I love thee. And I will get out of my bed and onto my knees and pray for the strength I need to take on the day." I LOVED that talk. Can't wait to listen to it again. I hope you all thought of me when you stood and sang "Called to Serve." I stood there in the office with 9 Elders, singing that song and thinking of y'all singing with me. Remember you don't have to wear a plaque to be a missionary.

SHOUTOUTS!!! Leah dear! I'm so sorry I forgot to say happy birthday! I hope that it was great! I miss you cutie pie! Happy birthday this week to REBECCA SERNA!!! And to Tía Jeni! And to Taci Fernuik! Hope you all have great days. Tay! I got your HP dear elder and I DIIEEEED! HP for life! Kris and Paige, I quite enjoyed your self portraits of me. Way to keep the roomie tradish going. HIATTS! Thanks for the JAM!! When I opened it, Hnas Vawdrey and Carsen were like IS THAT REAL JAM???  It's heaven!!! I splurged on sliced bread (um 18 pesos THANK YOU) and enjoyed myself a PB&J on my Bday. BEST MEAL EVER!!! Zander, thank you for the message! Send some pics of the kids through email! 

Hermana Squire
 pic 1: Vawdrey and Carsen saying THANKS DENNIS FOR THE BIRTHDAY LUNCH!!
pic 2: Me with Linco, Leguizamon, and Alvarez, Pixton and Israelsen in the background at zone conf..
pic 3. Vawdrey made me a bday cake!!!
pic 4. Zone conference

October 1, 2012

I'm OLD! I'm UGGGH Like the Crypt Keeper!!!!!!

Hey you people whom I love so DEARLY!
If you can guess what movie that´s from, we´re BFFs. WOW CAN I JUST SAY I FEEL SO LOVED!!???? Ok wow. I´m 22. I also completed 8 months in the mission TODAY! Way to kill two birds with one stone!! I FEEL SO DANG LOVED!

- Ok so this is what went down on my bday. WE HAD A ZONE CONFERENCE! What better could I have asked for!??  But first. I was a good girl and waited until this morning to open presents. I was so touched at the stack of cards I got! Seriously! Made my day, and it was more than I could have ever asked for. Just about cried, thanks. I got some sweet cards from my companion and from my companions de pension.(**apartment). THEN we left for zone conference. I got to see Hna Israelsen, Linco and Leguizamón and got some birthday wishes from them and a bunch of hugs. Mom, NO I did not wear the "Birthday Girl" badge to conference, because you know me and attention.... but it didn´t make any difference because I got a whole bunch anyway!! Right after lunch, we were all chatting and waiting for the conference to start back up again. I was up front, chatting with some Hermanas, when presidente was like "Attention! We have an Hermana here...." and that's when I was like "Shoot!!!!" and tried to sneak away, but I got trapped........ "...that has a birthday today!!!" And then the two zones sang happy birthday to me, or rather, "Se lo cumpla feliz", complete with clapping. I almost DIED of embarrassment!! But, I did feel loved. Now, I´m all spiritually uplifted and edified and I´ve got some ganas(motivation) to get out and teach some people!

- Zone conference was AMAZING!! We learned more ways how to better ourselves as missionaries through planning better, and having more desires to work. Sometimes it´s hard to have desire when you get so many rejections, especially when you leave the house thinking, "well, here we go. Let´´s get some more rejections."  BUT I've been trying to be better. I'm trying to leave the house with more faith, and a vision for miracles. Our area is TINY TINY TINY, and I feel like all these people have already had their chance. But there is always that ONE person that you haven't talked to. One person who is ready. ALL you have to do is LOOK. All you have to do is have faith that God will put them in your path. That's why it´s important to talk to EVERYONE! Experience time. So on Thursday, we combed our area book, praying about old investigators. We felt good about 3-4 in every sector of our area. Friday and Saturday, we passed by the majority and eliminated a few, and than the rest, we couldn´t find. I was struggling with the lack of success we've seen here in Villa Mitre II. On Saturday, I read through my letter book of all the letters y´all wrote me before the mission (I didn't read ahead mom, don´t worry :-)). Then I prayed more fervently than I ever have before. I prayed for strength, for courage, and the faith to see miracles. Then I wiped the tears off my face and we headed to work. Nothing happened on Saturday, but the miracles came on Sunday. We went to look for an investigator at church and guess what? She didn´t answer. So we trudged up our dusty hill ( I swear, it is SO DUSTY HERE! It´s ridiculous. It´s like sand in some areas) and made it to church. That´s when the miracles happened. Luis, our investigator, came with his girlfriend who is menos activo. THEY STAYED THE WHOLE TIME! He needs to get divorced and they need to get married, but there is progression. Hernan, a menos activo and x missionary came too!! We've passed by there two times, and he came to church, after about a year of inactivity. WOOO! Miracles. Then. That night, we passed by another x investigator, one that was on our "feel good list" and she was there! SHE IS A MEMBER WITHOUT KNOWING IT! Her name is Paula. She had investigated a little bit with her husband before he died. She LOVES the Book of Mormon and still reads it. She goes to a evangelica church and her pastor was giving her beef about the LDM,(Book of Mormon) and she said, "If you would just READ it you'd find out that it's true, and that it's similar to the Bible. I understand the Bible better because of the Book of Mormon. And I was like "IS THIS REAL LIFE????" She said, "I've seen you chicas walking by my house and I wondered, why haven't they stopped by me yet? Just before you came, I was praying. I told God I felt alone, and that I needed someone or something. I looked out the window and I saw you." And she pointed to me. "I thought you came alone because I only saw your head over my fence, but then I saw this bajita (short one)  with you when I came outside". This woman already has such a strong testimony of the LDM. She knows what we teach is true. She´s just afraid to leave her church, and I know that her pastor is going to hound her. SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray SO HARD for Paula. That her pastor will leave her alone and will not influence her decision. I cannot believe this miracle. I am sitting here, full of love and the Spirit, grateful that God has blessed me with this miracle. I know that the Lord will put us right where we need to be. I know that if we are worthy of His Spirit, He will guide us to where we need to be.

-We almost got eaten by two dogs this week. Freakin perros. (**dogs)

Shoutouts: TO ALL OF YOU WHO SENT ME BDAY CARDS!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I felt so much love today (and a little trunkiness) BUT THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Flip, I have the best family and friends IN THE WORLD. Ty Ty, Corb and Steven... WHEN DID YOU BECOME MEN??! Ha! I love you guys! Grandpa and Grandma Squire thank you for the card and such! Wow, I can´t thank every SINGLE one of you but I WISH I could!  THANK YOU! Venice, Haddy, Paige, Kris... your pics are gorgeous. You're all tan and such! Tyler W. Standifird!!!! Bout time you wrote me you goober. I expect better from YOU these next few months!! Peterson family! Thank you for the package! HAVEN'T OPENED IT YET!! Grandpa Serna, Muchisimas gracias! Tio Hector & Alice, Thank you! Grandma Hobson- I have become the popular sister missionary here through your cookies. Just look at the picture below. Elders offer me FAVORS in exchange for your cookies. When I brought them to the office last week, Elder Costanzi (glasses in front) looked like a kid on Christmas day. They took this picture and it is now the desktop of Elder Costanzi´s computer. Thanks for making me extra popular! EVERYONE!!!!!!! WOW!!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING. Thank you for loving me so much!!! I love you allllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!  Work hard, and pray harder!
Hermana 22-year-old Squire
1. Bday decor. Thanks mom!
2. I´m twenty twooooo.... and my hair has never been so blondeeee
3. Hna Vawdrey and I... with our cool party favors!
5. Office elders and their cookies. Almost cried laughing.