March 28, 2011

monday moments

i think i would have enjoyed this monday more if it hadn't snowed, again. come on.


  • today, i dropped an avocado that i was about to cut up and eat. i apologized. i think it felt better.
  • a couple months ago, my roommate and i were creepin on this couple through our kitchen window. we waited 20 minutes for him to kiss her. we cheered, then we went to bed. if you decide to have your moment outside our kitchen window, beware, we will creep on you. 
  • i always seem to get my hair caught on the seatbelt or the car door. it happens at least once a week, without fail.
  • the awkward moment of standing off to the side and smiling awkwardly while your friend talks to someone you don't know. 
  • the awesome girly sleepover i had friday. junk food. princess diaries. painting nails. 3 am. best friends.
  • during that sleepover, while we were talking in the dark, kelsey lit up her phone and said 'lumos'. we pretty much peed our pants over that. 
  • 3 1/2 weeks of school left. can i get a woohoo?
  • scoring at target on friday: awesome chambray shirt, cute wedges, and a cross body purse. 

1 comment:

  1. I HATE when a friend is talking to someone you don't know. so awkward. And I'm pretty sure I bought the same purse a couple weeks ago at target. At least, my receipt says "cross body purse".