August 19, 2013

Awkward and Awesome (Yeah, Monday Moments)

Annnnd we're back. This week's awkwards and awesomes are all RM themed. (That's 'returned missionary' fyi) Here we go....


  • Figuring out how the washer, dryer and dishwasher work again. What button is it again?
  • The most common question I've been asked? "What are your plans now?" I'm going back to school people... 
  • Another common question: "So how was your mission?" Me: "Ummm.... good?" Honestly, how am I supposed to answer that? Missions are like mini lives. It's like asking, "So, how have the last 10 years been?" Good?
  • It was so weird coming back and seeing how technologically advanced everyone is... how EVERYONE has an iphone and all this instagramming and snapchatting stuff.
  • Speaking of technological advances, THIS ONE got an iphone. Yeah, that sure was a blast trying to figure out the first few days. What do I do with this space phone?
  • How my eye twitched for 2 weeks from straight up fatigue. No I am not winking at you. Go away.
  • Getting tired around 7, and waking up without fail at 3:15am for about 6 days. 
  • The strange sensation that my mission was just a dream and that I never left. 
  • My awesome bed!!!  So soft!
  • CARPET!!! Seriously, this was me about 5 seconds after I walked into my house.
  • Listening to music again... the absolute best.
  • Being ALONE. Driving alone. Sleeping alone. Reading alone. Walking alone. I LIKE BEING ALONE. Ok, I'm sounding a little crazy right now...
  • annnddd.... seeing all my family and friends. Only a little awesome, right? :)

We've got lots of catching up to do... so keep your shorts on and be patient with me while I try and update this thing. It may take a while because... I'm off to Mexico tomorrow! Yahoo! Later peeps!

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  1. YAAYYYEESHHHH! She's baaaaaaaack!
    And with your fun blogging! You're o on top of things for a missionary. you should be married so fast a this pace! :)
    Bytheway, I sure hope you have a instagram and snapchat.. you'd be good at those.
    gah! I love you