February 7, 2011

monday moments

it's that time again! it seems like these are the only posts i've been making...hopefully that will change soon!


  • automatic toilets flushing when you're not finished. worse: when it flushes multiple times. i hate that. water sprays up then you stand up in scream a little. i'm not finished with you yet!
  • guys who wear sunglasses inside. either you're blind (that's ok), or you're a tool. i'm guessing it's the latter since you have no guide dog or stick thingy.
  • having a phone in the hotel bathroom. what, are you going to take care of business while taking care of business?
  • running with a backpack on. ultimate nerdy look.


  • flying alone for the first time! woo!
  • vegas for my cousin's wedding. ahh...so warm.
  • california girl's trip in less than two weeks!
  • super bowl goodness (food, friends, fun)
  • this photo. it may be awkward, but it is awesome in its awkwardness. please go to awkward family photos and laugh your pants off. 

p.s. michelle you are crazy. legitimately crazy! i strongly dislike you and your overly dramatic eyebrows!

two of us- aimee mann and michael penn

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