January 29, 2011

the movie favorites

i love movies like i love music. i just wanted to take a minute to share with you a few of my favorites :)

transformers- i don't know why cool cars that turn into robots does it for me. it's just awesome.
italian job- funny, clever, and exciting. who doesn't love handsome rob?
how to train your dragon- definitely will always be one of my favorites. i seriously smile through the whole movie.
slumdog millionaire- a well made film. awesome music, great story about love.
just friends- hilarious. i cry when i watch this. sorry i'm not poor! sorry i'm not the most BORING person ever!
batman begins- christopher nolan, you are a genius. we see that in the batman films, as well as inception, which is another favorite.

what are some of your favorites?

new slang- the shins

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