December 6, 2010


as finals are quickly approaching and stress is on the rise, i can't help but wish i was a kid again. and since i don't have a time machine, i  reminisce instead on the childhood things that brought me joy (and some of them still do). so, here's a little list of things that made me giddy as a child (can you tell i like making lists?).

1. making retainers out of fruit roll-ups
2. bikes with streamers
3. collecting bugs (ew, right?)
4. mixing all the sodas in the fountain- making the perfect 'suicide drink'
5. pigtails, overalls, bows, and butterfly clips
6. the excitement of losing a tooth
7. trying to fall asleep on christmas eve
8. furbys
9. stealing strawberries/cherries from the neighbor's garden
10. going to the dump and getting baskin robbins after with my dad

who doesn't miss being a child? i crave the simplicity of childhood, where the hardest decision you had to make was what you were going to do when you got out of school, or what game to play at recess.

yet, we all must grow up. but, it doesn't mean that we still can't be a little childish every once in awhile. i actually think it's healthy to let your inner child show forth. now, who wants to make a fort?

i hope this brought a smile to your lips as you thought of the things that brought you joy as a child. :)

in the light of being a kid... here's my favorite band at that time, off the album that is possibly the best christmas cd ever made... NSYNC! (i had to)

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  1. SUCH A GREAT POST!!!! I loved furbys!

  2. Ah, N Sync . . . now there is a band that takes me back! Who doesn't love N Sync? Love the post!