September 12, 2013

As of Late...

This past week has been really great. First, I had a mission reunion, where I got to catch up with some pretty cool kids. We really are so lucky to be living so close to each other.

I went to the Texas vs BYU game and cheered our team on to victory from the SIDE LINES. Nice, right? It was there that we got to chill with Jimmer, Brandon Davies, Jackson Emery, and Charles Abouo, no big, right? (joke, it actually was a pretty big deal)

I also started my new job!! I'm officially a medical assistant at Pediatric Care, where I give shots to innocent babies all day. Sad, right? But it pays really well and they are flexible with my schedule... so needless to say, I'm pretty happy right now.

Royals by Lorde on Grooveshark
Listen to this song guys, seriously. IN LOVE.

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