November 21, 2010



that's what i have to say right now. can you say ah-MAZING?! i wanted to cry because of how great it was. i think the reason i love it so much is because i grew up with it. the movies came out when i was ten,  and i grew up with harry and his friends. it's so sad to see it ending.

before the premiere, we had a fantastic harry potter themed party, including music, harry-themed treats, and plenty of costumes. take a look...

                                                                    Cockroach Clusters

                                                                   Licorice Wands

                    quite the gang...  dobby, sybil, professor umbridge, malfoy, HP, luna...what a treat

the next day, kels and i slept in (only because i convinced her to skip class, AND work... i'm the devil) and watched movies and lounged around my house all day long! who doesn't love those days? best sleepover ever!

 also, this weekend i went to a GIANT paint fight. they gave out 2000 waterguns filled with highlighter paint. just have a look and see how THAT went.

what a fantastic weekend.
hope yours was just as great.

Body of Years- Mother Mother

November 11, 2010

To Happiness

sometimes i think it’s more acceptable to complain about the small, insignificant things that bother you than it is to take note of special little moments throughout the day.   i know i do this. i find things to just be grouchy about all the time. why not celebrate the little things that make you happy? so i've compiled a little list of ten things that make me happy. here's to happiness:

ten things that make cydnee oh-so happy
1. the smell of rain on pavement
2. a great savasana to end a yoga session
3. when my dad makes freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning
4. finding a new musical artist to love
5. when my mom hugs me and calls me her "baby girl"
6. a good heart to heart conversation
8. weddings, wedding blogs, anything wedding
9. climbing into just-washed sheets
10. when leaves fall from the trees like snow, hitting my face and getting caught in my hood

so i want to know, what makes you happy? who knows, maybe you'll have a little feature in my blog :)

speaking of happiness... this song by beirut will never cease to make me smile- postcards from italy

p.s. only 7 more days until harry potter comes out! woo! 

November 2, 2010

You're looking very makey-outy tonight

so, the roommates and i were coming back from FHE last night. we were at the stoplight, and we looked to our right to find a couple fiercely making out in their car. fiercely. as in, he was devouring her face. first we were shocked, but then they kept laughing in between, so we took it as a joke and clapped and fist pumped when we passed them; which was returned with gestures of triumph from the boy.  that SAME night, we were driving to the library and looked over to see another couple in their car kissing. not like the first couple, but sweetly...and long. so, we watched, like creepers, and then cheered for them when it was over. needless to say, they were embarrassed.

moral of the story: even though you are in the safety of your car, everyone can still see you sucking face. still PDA people.

last weekend was halloween! (halloweekend, really) i dressed as a nerd and had a grand old time at some dances. here is a picture from one:

now, notice everyone in the group: how they are cutely posing and smiling. then there's me. notice how i am in front of everyone, and therefore seem like a giant. awkward smile, too high pants with an awful elastic waistband, and an awkward stance. yeah that's me. seems like I missed the "cute" memo on this one. ehh.

next on my musical playlist is Rilo Kiley- Silver Lining. what a great song, i really love her. really.