June 6, 2011

Monday moments, with bachelorette commentary

Ok... just watched the bachelorette... wow. Just, wow. More on that after some awkwards and awesomes.


  • Guys wearing necklaces. big no-no. in fact, the only "jewelry"I think guys should wear are watches, wedding bands, and maybe a handmade bracelet thing with some significance (but, you know, still 'manly').
  • I had a scary moment today. I forgot which shirt I put on this morning. Here's how my thinking process went: Ok, don't look down. You can figure this out. Think. Stripes? No. V-neck? Nope. Think! What am i wearing? DO NOT LOOOK DOWN. But I had to. I just couldn't remember. Oh, peach, that's right. Duh.
  • How incredibly sore my butt bones were after a cycling class. I am considering buying those diaper shorts now.


  • 2 weeks tomorrow guys. 
  • Seeing Iron and Wine from this far away (that means not very far).
  • This is the last full week of school. Can I get a woo-hoo?!

Ok, so I'm kinda lacking on some awesomes, but you just wait until I get to Europe.

Now... my Bachelorette commentary (Kelsey and I comment throughout the whole episode. If you like to watch in peace, I would suggest that you watch it with someone else). SPOILER ALERT! (Thought I'd get that out there)

  1. Bentley. You are the devil. Seriously. Good riddance.
  2. Dot dot dot?? COME ON, YOU PLAYER!
  3. Mask man...you should have left it on, buddy.
  4. What do you expect from a roast? Compliments? Cheery-ness? You signed up for this, Ashley.
  5. I really think that William meant his apology. I just felt so bad for him after. 
  6. There are one too many Josh Groban look-alikes on this show.
  7. "I hope my hair looks good". Boo.
  8. The rose ceremony dress was about as long as my arm, and bad choice on the extra huge sparkly necklace.
  9. JP, you are the cutest.
  10. Stalked Bentley's ex wife's blog. Yeah, all the sudden she starts posting the week the show airs. Hmm, I guess they're both trying to promote their businesses. 
  11. Poor square faced guy. You are sooo nice.
  12. Why does Ashley like being picked up so much?
  13. Does she really think she is good at dancing?
  14. Mickey, you have zero personality. And a terrible name.
  15. "24 out of 25 guys are here for the right reason". Gag, I hate you.
  16. Burning the mask at the end. Well played, producers.
  17. Chris, do you ever get tired of saying, "_________. Gentlemen (ladies). This is the final rose. When you're ready"? Because I get tired of hearing it. 

Well, there's my two cents. Now for day 8 of the song challenge: A song you know all the words to. I have chosen You and I by Ingrid Michaelson. So fun to sing.

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  1. Love this. LOVE. Bentley is a tool. I know his ex-wife. She is AWESOME. I'm waiting for her permission to blog about how awesome she is. It hasn't come yet. I may ask forgiveness rather than permission. No? We'll see. I disagree about William. I think he's a tool. And seriously - can you tell the difference between Constantine and Ben F.? 'Cause I can't.